I am having terrible Disney withdrawals. DH and I are both off this weekend and we live in Western, NC. It would take about 9 hours to get down to Orlando from our house. He usually gets off at 8pm. Theoretically, If we left the house at 3am after getting a little bit of sleep, we could be in Orlando by around 12-1. We would hit EPCOT for Flower & Garden when we get there, check into our hotel (off property; trying to do this on the cheap) and then go to MK on Saturday. Sunday we would check out and drive home.

I know this is shooting fish in a barrel but would anyone do this? As of right now, we have no tickets, no FPP, no anything except a wild hair to go back.


Currently, I would do everything to be able to go back. So, yes :wink:

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I would never tell anyone not to go to WDW!! The driving would make me tired, but I’m much older than you. :slight_smile: I say go for it!!

Any chance of a Monday off to have 2 and 1/2 days there?? If I could swing that, i’d say yes–but 18 hours of driving for less than 48 hours there would be a no for me. But I say you should go for it! :wink:

The DH has to book his days off about a month in advance so Monday isn’t happening. I could swing it but he couldn’t.

9 hours, I’d do it. It’s a 24 hour drive for me from New England. I love the spontaneity of it all. Could even be quite romantic for you and the hubby. Good luck.

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Do it. LOL!

Go for it! Soon you will need to mow the grass or clean out the attic or something else will get in the way. If you have a free weekend, go! You can catch up on sleep the next weekend but will love knowing you have the memories of a wonderful weekend at Disney!

I’m in MI, so a weekend drive to Orlando can’t really happen for me. But if it could, and the stars aligned, I’d do it! Go for it!

No not insane. If I lived 9 hrs. from Disney I would be there once a month.


Go, go, go!! Spontaneous trips are always fun, and a Disney one would be magicical :wink:

Go for it. I have done last minute 6 hour drive to VA Beach.

I totally second what @ezed62 said. We live so far away we can only dream about opportunities like yours. Do it!

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Absolutely go! We were there this exact time last year and it was amazing-I am itching to go back ASAP. Right @BenF12400 ??

My husband has talked me off the ledge. :cry: :cry: :cry:

His logic was: If this two day (not really planned out) trip costs us about 1K, why don’t we just save up the rest of the money and actually do it right and stay a week next year? He’s right, as usual. PLUS, we’re trying to get pregnant and aren’t sure about spending that much without knowing what may or may not be in our near future.

I’m so glad I married a man who is willing to give in to my Disney fantasies. He told me that sometimes when he’s at work he thinks about the fireworks and eating at BOG. Ahhh. He’s my Prince Charming.


Well, it’s fun to dream!! Then reality sets in.:slightly_smiling_face: I’ve had several “I wish” trips planned in my head. :smirk:

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You’re not in the right place to ask this if you want rational. I would have TOTALLY done this. (Except slept in a little more and leave at 5 am to be able to enjoy the evening more at Epcot.)
Then again, DH and I once drove 8 hours, watched a Springsteen concert, then drove home at midnight through the night to avoid a snowstorm and got home at 9 am… so I may not be the best one to ask for reasonable advice. :wink:
Oh well, you’ll TOTALLY make this work for WAY more fun another time. :smiley:

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If i lived that distance i would totally go and catch wishes one last time. But i do understand and agree the cost is high in sleep deprivation and money. I would suggest looking at an ap each esp if you would do a week within the year. Then you have the excuse to visit a few times. :wink:

I am the princess of last minute roadtrips. A few years ago I had chicken pox and was soooo over the lack of human contact that I demanded a road trip to a camping spot over 4 hours away. Family ohmic, arrived, and discovered our secret hideaway that was ALWAYS empty was exploding with grey nomads and their campervans and RVs. So we turned around and drive home, camped in the living room instead haha.

I say go.
And Save for your trip next year too. Hahaha.

Its suppose to snow this weekend in WNC- DO IT!! Leave it all behind and enjoy the weekend.