All Star Movies Resort to re-open Feb 9, 2021 and WDW announces room discounts for Early 2021

No restrictions to SE USA residents like the current deal.

In addition to the deals offered to AP holders and FL residents.

For stays most nights January 3 through April 17, 2021.

Book through March 15, 2021.



@len posted this on Twitter along with the Touring Plans story

I wouldn’t be surprised to see increased hotel and park capacity along with these discounts.

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I see some nice discounts! Very tempting as always… I hope similar discounts are available in the future!

I was thinking about this. If Disney opens up more hotels, it would seem they would need to open up more park capacity.

But maybe not. Disney has stopped selling the APs, haven’t they? Which means that the number of AP holders is going to dwindle in the coming months as their time period expires. For any given day, AP holders don’t generate as much revenue as an on-site resort guest, who not only drives revenue for the hotel, but generally would spend more on food (maybe) and souvenirs. This means that if they have fewer and fewer APs filling the parks, Disney hopes to replace them with on-site resort guests.

So, Disney can drive up revenues without increasing park capacity by simply not offering APs but opening up more resorts.

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I do not like your theory! My AP doesn’t exp until 5/21. But I did buy the FL tics for DH/S which I will not do anymore since it’s cheaper to buy an AP at some point. While locals might not be staying in resorts we do eat there and my DH complains that I shop like a tourist :wink: I’m hoping that they will start selling APs again soon.

Oh they recently allowed those that had canceled their APs to reinstate them too


It is the only real explanation I can give for Disney not opening back up APs.

see my edit… what’s your thinking there. They allowed those that cancelled to reinstate and those that had expired (w/in a certain timeframe) to renew. My DH/S wasn’t in there time frame… sad

I was thinking… that Universal is still selling APs and a GREAT discount for locals too. Disney has to compete there too. Yes?

There is a window of time that Disney still wants to fill the parks up as much as they can. APs is the way to do that, currently. So I think those who cancelled their APs, they are allowing to be re-instating to bridge the gap until they can open up and fill more resorts.

I DO expect that they will re-open the APs again once they can increase park capacity…but they can’t do that until they are generating enough revenue to pay for the additional employees it will take to accommodate that kind of capacity…which requires more on-site bookings!

When Disney does open up APs, I expect it will be Florida residents only, first. (Obviously, this is all conjecture on my part.) On the other hand, Florida residents are less likely (depending on where in Florida you are from) to book a stay unless you are already DVC. They need more people booking on-site resorts (non-DVC) to drive up revenues.

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I appreciate your time and thinking, but it’s not helping my mood :frowning: I want us to go as a family w/o extra extra cost. At least I think I’ll be allowed to renew when the time comes since I already have an AP.

Yes. Sorry about that. I’m trying to keep emotion out of my analysis! :slight_smile:

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:rofl: good job! :1st_place_medal:

It is SOOOO tempting to book a trip for Spring Break now even though we have plans already for July…with the money we saved not going this past summer, we could actually afford to stay deluxe with the discount…talk me out of it! Lol! Keeping the summer trip we can stay longer, but I know there is no way to know if discounts will be offered for the summer yet. Sigh…

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I’m with you. We were thinking about DLR, but that doesn’t seem like an option for the foreseeable future. I mentioned the discounts to my DW, and she immediately told me to book a couple nights at YC. She might be supplanting me as the bigger WDW fan. :laughing:


Doooo it!

You really shouldn’t go. I mean, sure, staying at a Deluxe resort cheaply, and hitting up Disney even sooner, not to mention being able to experience Disney when temperatures are lower as compared to the scorchers you can expect in July all sound fine and well, but, I mean, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m sure there’s a reason…

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Now talk me out of taking a second trip to WDW just a few months after a first one. Surely no sane person would do that.

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You’re absolutely right about that. If you want to get funny looks from folks for even bringing up the idea, go ahead. Take me, for example. We went in August. And that’s plenty of Disney time for one year, for sure. I mean, sure. Okay. I’m going again in December with my wife, but that doesn’t account, because I’m counting the “year” starting from September to September, see? So, we only did a single trip last year (August), and now we’re doing a single trip this year (December). So stop looking at me funny.


Enablers!! Lol! :joy:


yes, enablers… Last year I went Apr, Oct, Dec, Jan… we didn’t’ live here then, but I had racked up so many miles for work I flew in for free and had my AP so, it was only resort and food costs… ok ok a maybe some trinkets :wink: