All Star Movies Resort to re-open Feb 9, 2021 and WDW announces room discounts for Early 2021

Hey. I’m not an enabler. If I were an enabler, I’d be handling out money or gift cards, etc., to “enable” you to go. I’m not doing that!

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This is where I’m confused (admittedly, not the first and certainly not the last).

There is already a lot of people saying on just about every social media platform ever that they are pushing their trips to 2021. Add to that WDW 50th, and the possibility that WDW will still be the only US park open in any close to normal capacity, if at all.

So why the push for discounted rooms? And why not bring back AP’s or park hopping instead?

And while I’m all fired up…virtual queues stink. I shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars and wait multiple years just to have a chance at possibly winning the 2pm lottery to get on an attraction. Let me stand in line, if that’s how I choose to spend 4 hours, because I couldn’t get a BP.

I am having an adult sized temper tantrum. JUST LET ME DISNEY FOR ^(&^%^( SAKE!!!


Aw man… I JUST got a notification pop-up that Disney re-posted our January trip photos in case we want to re-live the memories… cries so many tears

They will make far more money from selling as many discounted room as they can (filling them) versus selling APs and having AP guests fill up the parks.

Park hopping does very little to generate additional revenue. Right now, Disney needs to do everything it can to generate more revenue, which will then allow them to start opening up things that cost money (employees, etc). Once they can do that, they can then increase park capacity to match the new attraction capacity.

While APs generate some revenue, on-site guests generate the most…which is also why they are offering 40% off rooms for current AP holders. If Disney can get AP holders to stay on site versus off site, it makes them valuable.

ahem…I am valuable even if I just drive in for the day :wink: :rofl:


Hehe. Yes…well, that was worded poorly on my part! :wink:

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Well, I guess we are going to have to take advantage of the discounts then! :joy:

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Trust me, I’m the first to remember that Disney is a corporation first. I think I was more confused with WHY the rooms aren’t already booked or intended to be booked based on forecasted crowds after vaccine.

I remember spending two weeks there, we were walking around EPCOT and it was a miserable humid day. We tried to grab some lunch at one of the QS spots in China (mmmm Potstickers and Peach Tea). Even though we bought our food and were walking around with several heavy trays, we couldn’t find a table to eat because a good 70% of the tables were filled with people eating their “from home” lunches. I was furious. We may or may not have brought the trays into the store with air conditioning after that and ate sitting on the ground in the entrance area…right next to the swords.

I see @ppehap already jumped in to the convo, but I was just about to drag her in here regardless. Like she said, even though she’s a local, she still spends plenty of $$ (as her husband will attest to). When I was a local, I was doing the same thing. I had every doodad and whatchamacallit in the stores. And spent several hundred on F&B every trip, even though I was living in Tampa at the time. Granted, I’m not every person…but still. And I understand that for every person like me, there are a gazillion more who aren’t. I just wish there was an easier balance. Like opening up park hopping so that people have options.

I can already see just how crowded it’s going to be, it’s driving me crazy that more isn’t being done from a data stand point to prepare. Instead they just keep trying to pack more in.

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I’d love to see the data on that tbh. My family refuses to do crowds, and if my projected park gets busy, we scoot over to a much less crowded option and usually spend much more on a nice table service spot to recover from the last park before adventuring out again. If I was forced to ONLY do one park, I’d be there at 11 and leave back to the hotel (or Universal if I’m at all honest) by 4.

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But I guess that’s part of my point. I don’t think they are trying to pack more in. They are trying to shift the make-up of the same number guests to the guests that will, on average, generate much higher revenues. It is only then they can afford to open up more. Once they can open up more attractions and restaurants, they have the ability to accommodate more people without further driving up (perceived) crowds. It is a stair-stepping approach.

I should clarify that I’m speaking in the time period we’re in now. Under the normal “wide-open” circumstances, pre-COVID, park-hopping is a selling point to get people to book trips, etc. But right now, they are filling the parks to capacity without park-hopping. So introducing park-hopping wouldn’t do much of anything to increase revenues since the parks would be close to, or completely, full anyhow.

But even in the pre-COVID use cases, it can cause people to book fewer days in the parks. Plus, if you take your food example, if you were in the parks, you are going to eat one way or the other, generally. (I’m using the generic “you” here, not the specific “you”.) If you are in MK and can’t park-hop, you eat dinner somewhere in MK. If you are in MK and can park-hop, you DON’T spend money on dinner in MK, but in another park such as EP. That DOES potentially generate some additional revenue in that you might end up spending more for TS at EP than QS at MK, but the added revenue is only the DIFFERENCE in the cost of the meal.

Anyhow, Disney will generally try to tease out additional revenue anyway they can. But right now, with capacity limitations at play, if they are filling to capacity, the only way to drive up revenue is to make sure that those who are IN the parks on any given day spend as much money as possible. This means a resort guest, with their approximately $200-$700 per night is going to typically out-spend an AP guest even if they are buying that latest trendy Loungefly backpack each time they come at only $75, etc. In either case, they are both spending money on food, souvenirs. The resort guest will add the hotel and possibly tickets to that.

None of this is to suggest that AP holders aren’t valuable. Clearly they are. But in the short term, Disney needs to generate as much as possible to keep afloat and move forward toward normal opening.

One thing I think Disney has against it in all of this is the amount of alienation they are going to have to overcome in the longer term. But I think they plan to tackle that when the time comes!

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I can see your points. Well described, thank you.

I wonder what programs they use to track spending. Like player tracking in the casino space.

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I would like to add… I hope that they open more food/qs options in the parks… if they increase attendance allotments. The bottlenecking around qs isn’t safe.

oh and… I’ve tried to get my DH to spend a couple of nights on property… just for fun, a get away and he’s NO GO under C-19 circumstances.

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Can I use some similar system to explain to my hubby why I went DLR last oct for Halloween for the first time (usually do Christmas), WDW last Jan to run the half marathon with my NZ kiwi brother whom I hardly see and then Oct to make up for my broken heart from cancelling DLP in Sept cuz the EU won’t have me. And then make another excuse to go next summer? Fingers crossed to DLP. How can I explain where I don’t sound obsessed with Djsney?

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Lucky guess. :smile:

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Welp, we had canceled our March week because covid and crowds and the like, and this discount roped me in. I booked a split YC/AK Kidani. I guess whether we actually go will depend on

  1. how many amenities are available. Fireworks, characters, tours, pools open, etc. I won’t go without HEA, which seems silly but that kind of stuff makes it worth it for me.
  2. vaccine availability/rates
  3. FP availability and projected crowds

Sadly, my son’s spring break isn’t strangely early this year like it was last year (where we were leaving as the crowds were descending for march). Without FP or some other great system, I am just not standing in line an hour for most rides. 30m maybe. So I guess I have a few months to figure it out and see what happens.

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Yeah, I will be keeping an eye on crowds and the possibility of FP+ coming back for our May trip. I put the deposit down so we’d have the room booked. I’ll wait a while before buying park tickets and stuff. Can’t wait TOO long though because I don’t want park availability to get filled up!

Can you just do the package for the $200 deposit and cancel up to 30 days before (or move it out) so you can “have” tickets and reserve the parks now? That’s what I just did. And even if you later changed your reservation to get rid of tickets you’ll still have those dates reserved. The system is broken like that. So you could always get tickets somewhere else cheaper later but already have the parks reserved.

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Probably. But I’ll keep an eye on the park calendar. If things start filling up, I’ll make the final call on the trip and buy tickets hopefully!

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