ALL Disneyland APs are CANCELLED

Disneyland’s Annual Pass program IS CANCELED effective immediately due to the pandemic & no news about a reopening anytime soon.

All current APs (all levels) will be automatically refunded

A new program will be announced in the future - This does not affect Disney World’s AP program



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How can they not offer annual passes? Everyone offers annual passes. Universal, Six Flags and others all the way down to the zoo.

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It’s just temporary. They do state a new program will be coming in the future.

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There are millions of Californians with AP’s.


I just saw this! I am going to lose money on my current one…

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How can you justify having AP’s for a park that has not been open for 10 months and looks like it will remain closed for another 4-6 months?

This is only fair to those people who have $$$ tied up in an AP.

Start new when you actually can re-open.


I think a key is “to develop new membership offerings”.

Six Flags has both season passes and memberships. The memberships work out to be a LOT more money. For example, we buy during the sales for $62 and the cheapest membership (pre-covid) was ~$10/month.

ETA: If they do this, it will be Disney following Six Flags. (Or whoever first started that at parks). Mind boggles.

They seem to be saying that AP’s won’t come back, at all.

If it was only about people having money tied up in passes, they would just offer to refund anyone that requested.

I think you missed this part in the letter

We are also very excited about what’s ahead. We plan to use this time while we remain closed to develop new membership offerings that will utilize consumer insights to deliver choice, flexibility and value for our biggest fans.

AP’s will be back, the revenue from AP’s is a major factor at DL.


Yeah it’s everyone there!?!? Whenever you go to WDW I don’t get asked do you have an AP? But everywhere in DLR expects I do and I get asked constantly.

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And most of us do! They allow CA residents to pay for our APs interest free for 12 Months.

Does not necessarily equate to “APs” to me. I just think we will not know what it means until they make an announcement.


I think this is a good move since there are so many people in limbo including us. My DD20 has a flex pass. Better to just give everyone a pro-rated refund and start fresh when they open. I just wish I could get the tickets I bought through a third party refunded. :unamused:

I think something will have to come back. DLR depends on a heavy hometown crowd. They may not spend as much to get in, but they buy a lot of food, pay for parking (unless they have the more expensive pass), and merch.


Terribly sad but I kinda expected it. I have 2 APs that I had just paid in full right before this all happened too. Also Villains night tickets, Star Wars night and 3 day So Cal tickets :frowning_face:


We have a regular two day ticket and a SoCal three day ticket as well. Plus, my DD20’s friends had all bought the SoCal 3 day tickets and only used two days before DLR closed. They probably have written that third day off by now.


I’m terribly sad about this but I think it’s the right thing to do. They need to clear the roster so that whenever they open, they can issue only as many date-based tickets as they can accommodate in the park each day. There are way too many AP holders to be able to reasonably return the value for the purchase.

But I do think APs will return when the pandemic ends. They’ll probably fiddle around with the options and start over with whatever program they wished they had before but could never ditch the people who renew annually.


I agree, I think they are using this as an opportunity to get rid of all the grandfathered So CA APs.


Who did you buy your tickets through? Undercover Tourist will give you a refund (95% of it). I am still holding onto our 3 tickets, but leaning towards taking that refund.


I think the same thing. This is how they start over with APs, and never have to offer the cheapest APs again.