Aladdin Live Action

Best live action remake they have done thus far!


Is that actually saying much though?

Personally I have zero interest in watching any of the live action remakes, didn’t even see BatB.

IMO it’s lazy of Disney to simply remake classic animated movies, I guess it’s easier than coming up with new ideas. :rage:

I think it’s lazy too. I did enjoy Cinderella and BatB more than I expected though (DH bought the dvds for me, I wouldn’t have gone to the pictures). DS14 said earlier that he enjoyed Jungle Book (I didn’t) and he is really excited about Lion King (which I was hoping to skip).

I’m happy to be convinced that Aladdin is worth seeing. I loved the stage musical version.

And I might be persuaded to go and see the Lion King.

And even if they turn out to be good, it wouldn’t change my opinion about the lack of creative thought the Disney Studio execs seem to have these days.


I personally think it’s genius on their part. Not only do they have the interest of the kids but the parents who grew up on the originals. I grew up in the 90s and am having all the nostalgic feelings about all of the movies Disney is putting out this summer.

We took our kids to see it last night and we really liked it!


I have nostalgia for Lady and the Tramp and The Aristocats, but the last thing I want is a live version of them.

But I see your point. Still lazy though IMO.

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Agreed. 101 Dalmatians is probably my favourite Disney film, not so much from my own childhood but I used to watch it all the time when DS24 was a tot (and I wasn’t much more than a kid myself). But I never watched the live action version with Glenn Close and I don’t feel the need ever to watch it. The animated version is perfect.

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I would camp out for Aristocats!

Loved 101 Dalmatians

I agree it’s lazy. But if it were just one every half-dozen years it would seem less so IMO.



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This was absolutely the antithesis of lazy. You’re missing out.


I thought Cinderella was excellent.
BatB didn’t impress as much as I’d expected.
Glenn Close was so funny in both 101 and the sequel. It’s more for kids though. IMO

My go-to review site for movies raves about Aladdin. Sorry we didn’t go this weekend. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Well my expectations were rock bottom so it wasn’t hard to enjoy it more than I expected since I expected to hate every second :blush:

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The two people whose opinions I trust most about films I am iffy on were disappointed that they missed the chances to delve into Jafar a bit in spite of hints, and they felt that the whole Jasmine thing was too easy and felt like someone went “Ok, with the whole women’s movement we should do this…” but never fleshed it out either.

It has never been my favorite Disney movie, and I am planning to skip this. (Planning to skip the CGI Lion King (sorry, it is NOT live action) even though I love the animated film. I am sort of over the overkill they have going - changed the already amazing Tree of Life Awakenings to more LK…what I have seen of the new (and IMHO not improved from what I have seen) Rivers Of Light, etc. Now planning to skip both of those in July. Over. Kill.)

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I’m in the minority i guess… I’d like every attraction at WDW to be tied into a Disney IP.

Even Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Splash (yeah, I know it is technically but not a recognisable one), RnR, ToT, Spaceship Earth …?

They did haunted mansion

Well after the ride, but the movie is out there

What do you mean?
I wish they were all tied in.

BTMRR could have been Apple Dumpling Gang.
RnRC - any number of Pixar IPs.
On and on.

I’m just saying I would like that.
Tree of Life having LK tie in makes me like it more.

We love the original RoL…our whole family.

I have Tusker House RoL reservations for October but I’m going to watch the vids of the new show and if I don’t like it, I’m cancelling.

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I definitely changed my Tusker dining package to just Tusker breakfast. It probably did not help that I am one of the few who cannot stand Happily Ever After, so knowing the same team is responsible…might have had some prejudice there. But while I loved the most recent version (I understand there were some changes before I saw it the first time), I could not get through the live-streams of the new.

Oh, I don’t much care for HEA , either!

I’ll check out the new this evening and make a decision.

I need some Disney something. We live in Tulsa and I have tornado warning fatigue.

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