AKL Transportation Options For Speed

Will be staying at AKL in mid December. Looking for recommendations for transportation to each of the 4 major parks (MK, DS, EP, AK) based on shortest time from AKL to rope drop only. The site says bus is quickest, but curious if that is considering Uber. Can Uber take you to the bus drop off at MK?
AKL to MK?
AKL to EP?
AKL to AK?
AKL to DS?


This is a neat site that compares times traveling at Disney by different modes of transportation

And Uber would have to drop you at ttc. But I have heard some people say they ubered to contemporary and just walked over to entrance of mk

That has not been updated! Be very careful!

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I have found the buses to be very good and quicker than other deluxes. I have taken Uber to CR in the morning. You cannot take Uber directly to MK. It is tough to get one but a Minnie Van will bring you direct.


Ok sorry. So the travel times have changed?

Some of the travel options are not there or the routes have completely changed water parks is the most obvious). I also do not think it accounts for shared buses.

Although from the original poster’s interest, I don’t think AKL ever shares a bus with anyone do they?

FWIW, when we stayed at AKL we had read about bus issues enough that we rented a car just in case. Never used it beyond groceries one day and on our checkout day we drove it to MK to go straight from there to the airport. The bus service was great - that was a long time ago though so it may not be incredibly pertinent if anything of significance changed.

Nope! One bus serving Jambo and Kidani, both on AKL property and moments apart. This - not sharing with other resorts - makes the bus service a very good option. We only used Lyft twice - once from AKL-GF since no resort-resort buses made that short, and once on AK morning for arrival at park 1hr before rope drop. Otherwise we have always bused everywhere and have never really encountered much wait

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Yes it does not share but I am going to warn everyone about that link. I used to share that link as well. Although it may work for the listed choices it does not include walking to the bus and then walking to a park . A reported 12 minute trip may take 45 minutes . A perfect example is if you put from AKL to Blizzard Beach it says 8 minutes. In fact the trip from AKL to AK to BB could take well over an hour(never mind that the wizard says there is a direct bus and there is not).

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We LOVED the Minnie Van service. It’s now available at all deluxe resorts, it’s a $20 flat fee (no tipping), your driver is a friendly cast member, and they always carry 2 car seats if needed. There’s room for 6 passengers. The front desk staff at AKL can give you the code to add Minnie Van service to your Lyft account – easy as can be.

We used it to get to the front of Epcot from the Beach Club for dinner in a hurry, and to get back to the Beach Club after MNSSHP - avoided lines, saved walking, and loved it. Less than a cab, more than an Uber, but super dependable and fun too.

@Blovesmickey - How long before you wanted to leave did you request the Minnie Van? We are definitely using it a few times on our upcoming trip.

I would request it at least 30 minutes ahead if during a busy time. When we used it on our last trip it took a long time for our request even to be acknowledged by the system, and then another several minutes for the ride to arrive. I was beginning to get nervous we would be late for our ADR.

Thank you!

We were at the Beach Club and we never waited more than 10 minutes. I will say, though, that during very busy times they did tell us that it’s possible they will run out of vans.

We also used one from MK back to the hotel after the Halloween party - we were pooped and didn’t want to wait for the bus. We only waited about 10 minutes for that one, too.

When you request it online, just like regular Lyft, it will tell you how long the wait is before you actually hit the “request.” Then you can track where the van is on the app and be ready when it shows up!

If anyone is still following this thread, we have used it twice this week. There seemed to be glitches in Nov ‘17 with the app when we tried to use it & the front desk wasn’t able to help sort it out. This week, it was very smooth. With the expansion of the fleet & service areas, they seem to be doing really well with this. I don’t even mind the increased rate. The efficiency it offers is worth it to us.

@jdbbella Thanks for the update! Did you run into any problems with availability? I’m a little afraid to rely on the Minnie Van to get to a reservation (ex. ADR) because I’ve heard that they can run out.

Do the Minnie Vans provide service to/from moderate resorts?

POR and POFQ were recently added I believe

From 2 weeks ago:

Here is a fully updated list of resorts with Minnie Van availability:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
Disney’s Beach Club Resorts
Disney’s BoardWalk Resort
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Disney’s Old Key West Resort
Disney’s Pop Century Resort
Disney’s Port Orleans Resort
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort


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