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I am going to be in Animal Kingdom on Friday 9/14. We have FPP for Everest, Dinosaur and the Safari at 9:05, 10:05 and 11:05. We have a FPP for FOP the next Tuesday but we may try to rope drop it this day to get another ride in. We currently have a Tusker House reservation for lunch at 12:55 using the Rivers of Light package. We planned to go back to the room for a while in the afternoon and return that evening to eat at Satu’li Canteen, try to get some additional fast passes and see Rivers of Light.

While I still think this is a good plan, I am not sure about Tusker House. We originally had plans to eat dinner at Boma and I had a fast pass for ROL. I changed it to this Tusker House lunch just for the ROL package. I didn’t want to wait that late for our last fast pass in hopes of maybe getting something else after using our initial three. I have never eaten at Tusker House. My son and I are travelling with two people who have never seen ROL or eaten at either of these restaurants. We both like it and I think they will too. Just not sure about the dining part of it. Can’t decide if I’d rather eat lunch at Tusker House and see the show or eat dinner later at Boma and skip it.


I really like Tusker House. The food was good and interesting and I liked meeting the characters. We did the ROL package last time and I thought it was worth it. There are so many good rides in AK that I prefer to keep my FPP for rides instead of the show.

However, ADR always run late and it is loud. Everyone raves about Boma though.

It has been several years since I ate at Tusker House. I recall the food was good but not amazing. My wife and I thought Boma was definitely better.

I have not seen ROL. From what I have read the views are similar no matter where you sit. At that time of the year getting there an hour pre-show should get you seats without a FP. That is my plan the day after you.

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We did Boma in June it was good but if I don’t ever go back I would be ok with it. The only thing I would miss are the zebra domes but the can be bought other places.

I’ve been to both, and liked them equally. Both had some very unique dishes that were yummy! I would eat at TH for the characters and the ROL, and Satuli Canteen for dinner later. That way you can book more FP earlier in the day.

Any place you sit has a good view of ROL, but it may save you time and waiting in line with the package.


Tusker and Boma are very similar to one another. Main difference is location and one has characters. I would probably do the ROL package if you want to see the show, for the very reason you mention concerning 4th and subsequent FPP.

Tusker never had run late in our experience until recently. On our last trip in April they took us a full 40 minutes past our ADR. I was a little more than a little frustrated.


I generally avoid both buffets and CMs - but I really like TH. I think the food is much better than the typical in-park buffet and if I’m going to meet characters, I want it to be the classic ones. I was actual a bit disappointed with Boma; it was OK, but it didn’t live up to all of the hype it gets. If I’m going to eat st SKL, it is Saana all the way.

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We used to go to Boma each trip. Now Sanaa has replaced it as our fave at AKL. Actually we’re trying Tiffins this trip, so looking forward. Some of us in fam are foodies, so we like to try new places.

Can’t speak to Tusker tho, since we limit our character meals to 1 per trip, not been to Tusker yet.

Thanks so much to all! I think we will give Tusker House a try! We have a reservation at Sanaa for lunch later in the trip! I have never been there and am so excited for that!!

Tiffins is spectacular. Did four signature dining experiences during a trip with just my husband and I, and I think it was our favorite. Be sure to save the little piece of artwork you get. We framed ours for our wall. I get so many compliments, and people are always surprised that it came from a Disney restaurant :smile:

@davleigh when are you going? I’d be curious to hear your feedback as a first timer. My family is deciding between Tiffins an TH for the ROL package in January. We are going to have my 2 year old niece with us this time, which is why the interest in the character meal, but typically we are not the buffet bunch.

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This past July we did Tucker with the ROL package for dinner. We enjoyed it. The character interactions were awesome and we thought the food we great. We also ate at Boma this trip. I wasn’t super impressed. I thought it was much louder than Tusker and it was crowded and frantic with servers serving drinks etc. and diners rushing to the buffet. Definitely not a relaxing environment. Save the fast passes for rides!

BTW, I’m hearing that the dining package isn’t that necessary for decent seating at ROL. Many say very easy to get 4th fpp for ROL. Others I believe just getting to show a bit early, and getting good seats.

Maybe someone can comment, who has used this strategy.

We had the same thing happened. 40 minutes late. But I loved the food at TH and I am NOT a buffet person. I think the food at TH is just the right kind of food for buffet.

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All of this. Plus I really didn’t think most of the food was that spectacular; the soups and salads were good, but the entrees left me kind of wanting…

We had great seats both times we used the dining package.

In this situation, what do you do? Do you just have to stand there and wait or do they have some sort of system for letting you go and return? Have not (knock on wood) had something happen like this with an ADR before (Disney or otherwise for that matter).

Hmmmm interesting. I was considering Boma as a last morning breakfast and opportunity to see AKL. What would you pick as last morning breakfast?

I don’t understand your question

When faced with a 40 minute wait for an ADR. How did you handle that? Just bear and make the most of it? Did Disney do anything to rectify the situation.

You just wait. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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