AI Fun

I was playing around with Google’s Bard for the first time yesterday and testing it by asking questions I knew the answer to.

Answers were pretty spot on, albeit a little generic.

Then I asked it to write a poem about how terrible Genie+ is in the style of Edgar Allen Poe.
It is fairly fantastic.

(In the style of Edgar Allan Poe)

Once upon a line, at Disney’s gate,
Genie+ did await.
A promise made, a price to pay,
For a shorter line one day.

But Genie+ is a cruel jest,
A nightmare for the guest.
For lines remain, and prices rise,
And dreams turn into cries.

The Genie mocks, the Genie jeers,
As guests shed salty tears.
For hours lost, and money spent,
On promises that won’t event.

Oh Genie+, oh Genie+,
Why do you torment so?
With your false promises and hidden fees,
You make our Disney dreams a tease.

So heed my warning, all who pass,
Beware the Genie’s wicked mass.
For Genie+ is but a trap,
To drain your wallet, and your map.

If you must use this cursed thing,
Then do so with a heavy wing.
For Genie+ is not your friend,
But a foe that will never end.


That is fantastic :joy:


This is excellant!!

Can it do one in the style of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky? Same subject.

ETA: Nevermind. DH tried it (as soon as he heard me read yours) with rather disappointing results.

Moral: Stop while you’re ahead. Yours is great!


It is definitely fun to try different writer styles, but some work better than others.

I’m wondering about trying Hemingway now. :smiley:

ETA: Oh boy the Hemingway was boring.


Tried in the style of a few poets (William Carlos Williams, Robert Frost) but they weren’t anything good.
Bard doesn’t know who ee cummings is!

Style of Chaucer was ok.

A Complaint of Genie+

O Genie+, Genie+, what a sorry sight,
Thou art a blight upon the Happiest Place on Earth.
Thy promises are false, thy fees are high,
And thy lines are long, as if to mock our mirth.

We pay our money, thinking we’ll be blessed
With shorter lines and rides without delay.
But thou art but a cruel and cunning test,
Designed to rob us of our joy and play.

For once we’ve paid thy fee, we’re trapped within
A labyrinth of queues, where hope goes to die.
We wait and wait, while minutes turn to hours,
And all our dreams of Disney fade away.

O Genie+, Genie+, thou art a curse,
A blight upon the Magic Kingdom’s fame.
May thy days be few, and thy end be swift,
Lest thou spoil the magic for all who play the game.

(I took some liberties with the Chaucerian style, but I hope you like it!)

^-Bard actually included that last line about taking liberties. :smiley:

In this version my favorite lines are:

For once we’ve paid thy fee, we’re trapped within
A labyrinth of queues, where hope goes to die.


How weird.


So…the AI got it spot on? :grin:


I have a book of stories that is a compilation of entries into the “Bad Hemingway” writing contest a bar down in the keys used to hold every year.

I had found the book on a remainder table way back in the 80s or 90s, I haven’t looked at it in years but I remember some of those stories had me rolling. Guess I need to go find it now.


Robert Service

There’s a poet

My thought as well

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