After Hours Fast Pass

We have 7 park day tickets plus After Hours ticket. I have made all of my regular 3 FP choices for the 7 days we are in the parks. The After Hours event is in our last day and we won’t be going to any parks that day. Am I not allowed to make FP choices for this since we can get in at 7? I thought you could use Fast passes for this event until the park closed for everyone else?? Do we have to wait til we get there to make them on same day or something I’m missing?

This is a hard-ticket event, so if the tickets are linked in MDE then you should be able to book FPs, as long as you haven’t already booked them for that day.

The system will let you book them for anytime, the onus is on you to make sure you can use them. You could book one for 30 minutes before you can enter the park on your event ticket, and that way should get three in. There are no FPs during the event.

However, I assume from your post that you’ve tried and the system won’t let you. Correct?

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Correct. I thought you could make them for when you are there before park closed and event started which we have tickets for. Not going to any other parks that day so no FP made.

Could it be because it’s the 8th day and they have 7 day tickets with 7 days of FPs already booked? Or is it enough on its own?

That’s what I’m wondering? Once the AH tickets were purchased and linked, that date became available in FP calendar but I can’t add FP and CM said we could use them until the park actually closed and event starts so was just wondering.

The ticket should allow you to book FPs for that day, just like a party ticket does. There were no issues that I saw for the party tickets in 2019.

However there might be little you can do. I would try contacting Disney again and see if someone else can help. But it may be they’ve stopped allowing it.

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I was able to book FPs for my son on an AH ticket. The park closes at 9 so I booked 6:15, 7:30 and 8:30. His park tickets would not be valid on that date so it is the only ticket he has.

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I had issues adding FPP to both nights of my Christmas party tickets for last month. MDE wouldn’t let me. I was not going to the park on party nights.

I called Disney and they would only book me 2 FPPS for each night. And I couldn’t change them on my own.

Following this as we are going to after hours only at MK next month during our Universal trip. I am hoping to make three FP for us that evening.

Hmmmmm. This is becoming a pattern, and not a good one. :slightly_frowning_face:

My first thought is there’s a problem with how the tickets are linked. I have no idea how or why. Can you see them against each person (account or profile)? Are these people managed by you or do they all have their own account?

We chatted about my issue in November when I was trying to get FPP.

All of us have our own MDE account. I had no issues making FPP s for everyone at 60+ for 7 days of park tickets.

We were staying offsite on the party nights last month. At 30 days, I couldn’t make FPPs for the party tickets. The party tickets were linked. I could see them. I tried using DH’s account to make FPPs for the party tickets and it wouldn’t let me either.

It’s so weird because last night my After hours Tickets was listed under “my plans” in MDE and now it’s not there. I can see it under tickets but not in my plans. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’m the only one with an account and everyone is linked correctly to the tickets and my account.

Called and they added the 3 FP for me which is nice but wasn’t sure why I couldn’t make them myself. It’s also still not showing the ticket event in my plans but he added an itinerary note for it to have it in plans and can see it under tickets. So at least FP are set and get to ride BTM during the fireworks.


I just checked. It is not in my plans. I don’t think it showed there the last couple of times I did AHs either- just tickets.

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Just wanted to come on and post that there are further reports over the weekend of people booking FPs with a DAH ticket.

Example: With a 3-day park tickets plus 2 DAH event tickets (for Mk and AK), they were able to book 5 days worth of FPs.

So it should be possible. I know not much consolation for those who are having problems, but at least it confirms the policy has not changed.