After Hours @ AK May 7th CANCELLED

It does say that Disney will be contacting anyone who has this booked. But it sucks big time for anyone who had planned their trip around it.

I was considering it, but decided against it due to the fact that it is our arrival day. Glad I hadn’t built my plan around it.

We almost did this but I just couldn’t muster the energy to rearrange 2 days worth of planning! So glad we passed on this because I would have been maaaaaad!

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That is awful for those that made their plans around the event! I hope that WDW does something to “make up” for the fact that they’re messing with people’s plans. A discount on the AH for another day, a free FP, or something.

They also cancelled the Galactic Event or whaever it was that was supposed to happen for DVC members at Epcot on 4/10.

Something up that is making them backtrack on just released plans?


It’s definitely curious. I mean, they just released DAH dates for May/June last week!!

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Yup. And the star wars thingie around the same time.

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Whoa i didn’t even know they released them. Wonder why it was cancelled… it’s not like AK is undergoing anything major at the moment, is it?

Despite my experience in December…think I’m going to give it another go.

Mostly for the ice cream sandwiches. Yeah. Definitely for the sandwiches. :wink:


When are you heading back @Randall1028?

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Last week of April into May. Snagged an HS one so I can be there for the 30th anniversary. Though HS is kinda boring at the moment for me so it probably would be considered a waste but I don’t care on this particular trip. But I’ll be able to ride all the TSL stuff(assuming it doesn’t go down).

Oh and the ice cream. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They cancelled the ice cream.


That’s not funny. That’s not funny at all.


I’m actually pretty hilarious


I wonder if they expected a flurry of purchases, since so many have sold out. Maybe it’s just too soon, as many people would have their May plans decided before the dates were release?

Or maybe something else is going to be happening that hasn’t been announced?

saying it into the mirror doesn’t count, y’know. :wink:

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Maybe, just maybe, people are starting to step back from these add ons. The Star Wars one for DVC members at EP was hilariously overpriced.


It truly was.


Yep. I was jealous until I got to the cost part and then I was laughing.

I also notice that the new villains themed DAH at MK costs $10 more than the regular but no meet and greets which is, to me, the main draw of a villains event.


How much was it?