After Fireworks Dessert Party

So, I just saw this:

Should we assume just more people in the garden area? Or might disney open additional space?

The pessimist in me says the former… the optimist hopes for the latter…

I just dropped almost $400 for my two teenagers and I to do Disney After Hours in July. I was thinking…for all that money, they could give us a preferred view of the fireworks too.

I can’t justify another $200+ for this on top of DAH!

Oh lovely. So now the Garden is going to be packed :roll_eyes:

I wonder if they are going to use the other grass areas, any ideas? I have June 28 books for the pre-fireworks garden but I am thinking of swapping since I’ll be in the park for the After Hours event that night.

I have no idea … maybe they will expand the area available for watching the fireworks. That would be nice.

I guess, if it starts 5/28, some feedback will be known by the time you get there.

Ugh, and I just booked a party for our trip in November. This is why I’m not loving the plan 6 months in advance. So much can change! I’m going to wait for reviews. If they combine the garden views, I’m going to cancel and book a different dessert party (Frozen).

I was so in love with all my Disney planning and I’m really starting to get a sour taste in my mouth.

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I had the dessert party (standing) booked for the 3rd of July, just called and changed it to the after party on the 4th, same price, hoping with it will be more enhanced being a “holiday” and the expanded menus also​:pray::sparkler::fireworks:

Has anyone done this yet? Wondering if I should switch my June 28 reservation.

This thread may interest you: Before or After: The Great Debate

What did you think of the dessert party??

We absolutely loved it! Keep in mind we were first timers to Florida and Walt Disney World. We knew we werent going back for a while so we wanted to make the most of our trip. We had a delay of about 45 minutes due to the weather but given the fact that we had plenty a room in the roped off area to view the fireworks and it was perfect view . My observation is it was nice to do the desserts after the fireworks than before that way you had time to relax and have the park empty out. We stayed until 2 AM that morning riding additional rides until the park closes


Completely agree. The after fireworks dessert party is much more relaxed.


@edzigmond and @Dreamer Thank you for your input! I think we will try the After party this time. So excited!!

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The after party is on the terrace?

No problem. I would do it again if given the chance. So worth it. Enjoy!

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Wow that’s great! We were there on July 4 this past summer, we opted to watch fireworks from our resort due to the weather. I’m thinking this summer will be a Mom and Son trip. :shushing_face:

It was on the right hand side. When we were there, the before party was on the left I think . They had two booths to check in. Being a first timer and on July 4 , I was a little overwhelmed initially