Adventures of Heat, hair dye and a last minute ECV -WDW trip Aug 2023

Starting this trip report on day 4 of 13. And going back in time a bit. To give a little background…

  1. Saturday, Aug 5 (5 days before we left to come to Florida), DD16 had a little accident on her bike and injured her knee. Monday had an X-ray -showed no break. They wanted an MRI, but we had to wait for insurance approval, so got the MRI the day we left (Thurs). Friday they called to schedule another MRI bc they didn’t get the right angle, but we told them it will have to wait til we get back.
  2. We have a tradition of coloring our hair when we come to Disney, so the Monday before we left, I got my hair done with some blue underneath in the back. Tuesday I colored DD12 and DS9 with 2 shades of blue. DD12’s didn’t really take, so she is pretty sad. Wednesday, colored DD16 pink, and it ended up being WAY more color than we were expecting. Now whenever DD16, DS9, or I get our hair wet, it still stains our clothes. Oops!
    Thursday we left around 6pm from northern MN. It takes about 32 hours traveling in the car. DD16 knee was hurting a lot just sitting in the van, so we reserved a small ECV to be delivered to Beach Club.
    We arrived in Orlando at 2am Saturday morning, and slept at a hotwire hotel close to WDW.
    In the morning, got our free bkfst, and checked out at 1050 with plans to swim at Beach Club until our room was ready. At 1055, got a text saying our BCV room was ready. Woohoo!
    Carried our stuff up to the room, and went to Marketplace to get refillable mugs. They only had the lavender 100’s or green or pink Pixar, so we walked to the Deli at BWV to see if they had any other designs. They did not, and as we walked back, DD16 was really hurting.
    We went down and enjoyed the Shipwreck Bay pool for a while, and then cleaned up and drove to Boston Lobster Fest for early supper. It was not as amazing as I remembered, but there were lots of crab legs and whole lobsters, which were a little overcooked, but still lobster!
    After supper, we hit Publix for some groceries and then came back to BCV for scooter delivery. Then we got the room set up, and went to bed by 9:30, so we could rope drop in the morning.


The hair colors look awesome!!!


Everyone’s hair looks great but I especially love your blue.


Pretty hair!


Day 2 - Sunday
AK ropedrop for early morning started at 7:30. Left the room at 6:30. First bus listed to arrive at 6:41. At 6:55 the bus pulled up, and it was a shared bus w/ Yacht. There was only room for 1 scooter, and there was one ahead of us. We decided DH and DD16 would load the scooter into the van and the rest of us would take all the bags and take the bus. We got there first, and they caught up while we were in line, so we all got to ropedrop FOP together! DD12 and I wandered around and had the pineapple cream cheese egg rolls while the others rode Everest twice. Safari was a 20 min wait, so we headed there. It seemed like the line was longer than 20, and we almost bailed. It was almost an hour. We know better than to try to do Safari right after park open! We grabbed some treats at Zuri’s, and rode Kali. Saw Nemo and Lion King Shows while we were wet, so that helped cool us down. Heat index was 115+ with temps around 97. With the ECV, we had back row for Nemo and front row for Lion. Front row was really cool. Had lunch at Satuuli Canteen, which did not disappoint.
Left about 1 and went back to hotel. On the bus ride home, the kids decided to run into EPCOT and ride Soarin’ one time before we had to leave for supper at Sci Fi.
Took the Skyliner to HWS for supper at Sci Fi for the first time. Was kind of a one and done for us. We rode Star Tours, Millennium Falcon and then ran to get in line for RoR before park close. After about 30 mins in line, they told us the ride was down, and gave everyone a Ll for the next day for any park any standard attraction.




Monday - day 3
Got boarding group 13 for Guardians! Early Rope Dropped EPCOT. At the second rope wait, they told us Test Track was having delayed open, but we went straight there anyway. We kept hearing announcements that they had no ETA for open, but we waited it out. They opened right at park open at 9, just as our boarding group for GoG was called… with end time of 9:37. It was getting close , so we didn’t stop to play at all after Test Track. Headed to Guardians and rode for the first time ever. It was awesome! DD12 who refuses to do roller coasters went on and loved it! Huh The song was “Everybody wants to rule the world”, which didn’t quite seem to fit the energy of the ride.
Went to Soarin’, but line was long by the time we got there, so we ate lunch at Seasons in the Land. I got my standard power salad. Kids got stir fry which was not awesome. Everytime I eat there, I say we won’t do it again, but we always do. It’s just so handy. Jenna from Resort TV1 was also eating there, so I had to say hi. The kids played at the spitting fountains until they were soaked.
We left and went to Typhoon Lagoon. Got chased out of the pool for a weather issue that turned out to be a false alarm. After 1/2 hrs more of the wave pool, kids and DH went to slides. After 2 slides, they closed all water areas for weather. We got Dole whips. 9&12 got cones, and I got a pineapple upside down cake Dole whip. Cup had whipped cream, Dole whip, caramel, cake, pineapple, and a cherry on the bottom. They accidentally made 2 upside down cups, so we got an extra that went to DH. It was delicious, but I would have been happier sharing one!
Headed back to BCV, then back into EPCOT for 6p Coral Reef. Had a few minutes, so we walked into the Nemo ride. While on the ride it was time to try for the Guardians queue. We got 207. Woohoo!
Coral Reef: we were seated about as far as possible from the aquarium. Dh had shrimp and grits, Dd16 had prime rib. DS9 had the best Mac and cheese of his life. DD12 got chile shrimp, which was delicious, and I got Mahi. Overall a very good meal.
After supper we rode Soarin’, Figment and played in Imagination station. Used our lightning lane from RoR to go on Remy, and then 3 Caballeros, rode Test Track again, and stayed to do all the Test Track activities for a while. Our boarding group was called at about 9:55 with a 10:55 end time. We got there about 10:45 and Rode for the second time of the day. Our song was “September” by EW&F, which was awesome! On the way back to BCV, we decided we were all exhausted, and should take the next day ( Tuesday) off from the parks. We have 2 non park days while here, so we will go in Saturday instead.



Tuesday - day 4 of 13
Slept in! On a Disney trip! Ugh. Drove to Disney Springs a little early for our 3pm T-Rex. Shopped at Lego and Disney stores. Ate in the ice age / meteor shower room at T-Rex. DD16 and I shared surf and Turf with a mediocre sirloin, which was a little over-cooked, good shrimp scampi, and bay scallops in the most amazing sauce ever. Dh had ribs, DD12 and DS9 had burgers. For dessert, we continued our tradition of sharing the $20 chocolate extinction, which is brownie and ice cream, but the presentation with dry ice in a shaker is irresistible.
DH and the 2 younger kids drove back to BCV to go to TL again. They didn’t have much luck. 30 MN til close when they arrived, and no more big waves for the day. They headed back to the quiet pool in the DVC area.
DD16 and I stayed at DSprings to wander and shop. Our last stop was Ron Jon’s where DD found some super cute sale items. She tried on a few bikini tops, and asked me to get the bottoms to match the two she liked. I looked through ALL the bottoms, and there were none that had enough fabric IMO, so I told her she’d have to use some bottoms she already has. Sorry, kiddo!
We headed back on the bus around 8, which is when I remembered I needed to do laundry and pack up to check out the next day for our move to Poly.
I fought the laundry battle and got almost everything done in 2 loads. Packed up as much as we could, and got to bed.



THANK YOU!! I have said it since my first ride when I got that one.


Wednesday - day 5

Got up early and packed up and loaded the car. There wasn’t a lot of room to put the scooter in the van, so I suggested DD16 and I walk to HWS and they could finish loading and we would meet there. DS9 decided to walk with us. DH said, “you know it’s a long walk, right?” I said, “Yeah. We’ll be fine.” Ha! It was a disaster. Due to several mishaps, it took us Soooo long to get there.We missed early open and we’re exhausted and sweaty. DH and DD12 went in to Slinky. I got stopped at security, so I told the other 2 kids to just go find them in line.

They found them, but it was about a 60 min wait at that point. I decided to go get a coffee, but nothing opens until park open. DD16 and DS9 decided to leave the slinky line, so the 3 of us went on TSM and got in line for ASS.juat as we got to the wheel chair boarding gate, DH and DD12 came up to the gate. I was able to let DD12 come in for me.

I mobile ordered 2 raspberry tarts from Woody’s Lunchbox. None of us were very impressed with them.

We walked to RRC. DD12 and I opted not to go on. I love the nostalgia of it, but it takes me a while to recover, and sometimes rattles my neck out of place. I always ride it once per trip, but I kind of feel like Guardians can take the place of it now.

DD12 and I walked down to ToT to finally get my coffee! Then we wandered down HW Blvd through all the air conditioned stores all the way to the front gate. Then we all met up for IJSS. It was first time for the kids. With the ECV, we had a choice of back row or front row. Front row was pretty awesome, and to get there you have to walk back stage!

We went over to Frozen show and again were in the front row.

Went to Muppets and mobile ordered Pizza Rizzo bc 9&12 wanted meatball subs. We got to sit way upstairs in the dance hall and watch a bunch of kids tear up the dance floor.



We were all ready to head to the hotel to swim, but hadn’t gotten a room number yet, so decided to get in the 60 min line for MMRR. The wait was way too long, and we were all too hot. Kids were begging for TL.

We loaded into the van, and decided since it was 3p, and we hadn’t heard from Poly, we should head there to inquire about our room. On the way we got the text that we were in Moorea bldg. I had requested Tokelau facing the pool and closest to lobby, so we were a little disappointed. We are slightly closer to TTC than the Great Hall, and a bit of a walk to the pool. The view from our 3rd floor balcony is palm trees and flowering trees, so that’s cool.

We carried in all our stuff and got a little bit set up. I organized the room while everyone hit the pool.

It makes me happy to figure out how to make the room easy to use for all of us. :grin:

We tried for a boarding group for Tron, but didn’t get it. :frowning:

After swimming, took monorail to MK for 7p Skipper Canteen. Had an amazing meal. Started with Brazilian cheese balls.DH and DD16 had amazing steak. DD12 had delicious pork. DS9 ordered Lamb chops I ordered a salad with shrimp. Everything else seemed too heavy.

DS did not like the lamb chops. We asked for medium, but there was a lot of blood on the plate, and after the first bite, he was done. I did not care for the flavor of the seasoning either. DH ended up eating the lamb, and DS9 ate most of my shrimp, and we all shared the steak which was amazing! We have always had great experiences at JNCSC.


When we finished supper it was raining, so we covered the ECV with a poncho and headed to Pirates. After Pirates, the rain had stopped, so we went to BTMRR. I don’t usually do it bc it’s so rough, but DD12 seemed willing to go, so I said I would go. As we came out of the first tunnel, the fireworks started, so we rode the whole time with fireworks! It was pretty awesome, except all I could think is “Is this ever going to end?!” It was really not enjoyable to me, but DD12 thought it was ok, so it was worth it!
We went to Buzz and I mobile ordered a cream cheese pretzel from the Lunching pad. DS ordered a frozen Coke and DD12 got a Mickey pretzel.
I went to pick up the order, and fam went to go on Astro Orbiter. It turned out to be a really long wait, so they bailed. We were all feeling exhausted, but felt like we had to keep going to use EEH. I said that it was totally ok if we wanted to go back. The girls decided to go back to Poly, but the guys wanted to ride Space Mountain, so they stayed.
As they tried to get in line, they wouldn’t let DS bring on his frozen Coke, so they wandered over to Tron to watch while he drank his drink.
They went on Space Mtn and then Astro Orbier. While in line for AO, they started talking to a guy who said there was going to be a rocket launch soon. After AO, they got to watch the launch, and they said it was so cool!
What a day! We decided we need to be more strategic on EEH days, so we’re not so exhausted.


Try having it all 3 times on your first day ever riding it!! Ugh.


The BEST snack!!!

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When I was a kid I’d always want to jump in and play in fountains in malls and such. My parents always said no. It was a great day when I was allowed to do this at these fountains