Adventure is out there… a trip report

I know. They said the other 5 (which are for Sept) were too far out? Didn’t seem right to me either, but this was at the ticket center…

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That’s crap. I hate that for you. I would probably try again and ask for clarity on that ruling if it comes up


So… First off… I ended up switching park bags last minute this morning and freaking FORGOT my gift cards. So no gifts in memory of dad today… which stunk, because I found like FIVE dads who would have gotten it.

We started the day with Keys to the Kingdom…

What an amazing tour! I don’t want to spoil anything… but it was just incredible. Our tour guide, Zoe, was a delight - a former Skipper who had the PERFECT personality for this.

Five hours later… then we started what would be a typical MK day for us.

Buzz (DH got Galactic Hero and a pin instead of a sticker)

Jungle Skipper Canteen for a snack and drink:

TRON (ILL) - and our ride pic never came through
Train from Fantasyland to Frontierland
Big Thunder… this was one of the dads I wanted to gift to… he started singing “Hi Ho!”… and his daughter yelled “Dad!!! Don’t”… would have been perfect…
Small World
Philharmagic —- which was pretty amazing because we walked up, grabbed our opera glasses, and walked in without the interminable wait of “Fill in every available space”…
Little Mermaid
Obligatory Gaston pic:

Carousel of Progress

Pic on the way out

Then took a launch to Grand Flo, changed clothes in the bathrooms. Decided on a quick stop at Enchanted Rose:

and went to Narcoosee’s for one of the best meals/experiences we have ever had on property - phones were dead but we had Scallops with Gnocchi and Shrimp/Lobster with Bucatini, and watched Happily Ever After from outside. I forgot that there was a short bit of “Trashing the Camp”… when I used to teach tap, the last year I did a dance with my daughter and stepdaughter to that dance… so I teared up quite a bit on that.

It was an absolutely perfect MK day. Tomorrow to HS….and I’ve already put the gift cards in my bag so I don’t forget tomorrow!


Sounds like a fab day!

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Got to give my first card today!!! We were waiting on Photopass at the Jedi temple near Star Tours. Family in front of us - a dad with two daughters, looked about 12 and 14. They obviously adored him, kept hugging on him. They took super cute pics together, he was hamming it up. Pulled him aside after to give him the card. He smiled and walked away… got about 25 ft away before reading it, looked up and smiled, then the girls both came back to thank me.

So my Jedi pics I’m teary in… but worth it.


:face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: wow. How nice of them to come and thank you.


I love this so much!! :heart:

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We were absolutely exhausted last night after a great day at HS - going to have to write up later!

Headed out to UOR today. But quick beauty shot of the view from our room at WL today…




Love this. Thanks for sharing how you’re honouring your dad.


Time to catch up!

Monday, we headed out to Hollywood Studios… bought a Rise ILL and got a Slinky LL for a good time so we decided to rope drop Tower… rode twice back to back, which was a blast. Had quite a few first time riders with us, which is always fun.

Then we checked out something I never knew about - at the Scoops ice cream parlor on the corner across from ToT, in the mornings they have mimosas and blueberry Mickey waffles! Delish. Got some pics taken with the mimosas also, and had great fun with our photo pass photographer who loved that we had mimosas…

Sooo… a little side note… within the next month my husband and I will be launching a podcast that will be called Mimosas with Mickey. We have the first couple of episodes outlined and will be recording and launching within the next month. So these were “on brand” (as our producer/DS’s girlfriend) tells us… :laughing:

So after that we rode MMRR and then tried an experiment - Star Tours has made both of us queasy in the past, but we got ReliefBands, so we decided to give it a shot… and we were both fine! Which is awesome because both of us used to love that ride, and the last few years not being able to ride it has been a missed experience. After that is when I got to give my first gift card out in dad’s memory… which was awesome (see post above).

As celebration, we rope dropped Baseline Taphouse at their open at 10:30.

Then we went to TSL for TSM and ASS, then over to Batuu for some blue and green milk.

Lunch was at Brown Derby… where we’ve been a few times, but this time was absolutely exceptional. DH had lamb shank and I had the Cobb, and we started with the roasted bone marrow. All was incredible, and our server was delightful. Just a fantastic meal.

After that it was time to fly a hunk of junk - we ended up pilots and did pretty good - two coaxiums… but the other four people with us were a little confused why these two slightly tipsy strangers were yelling directions at them…

Then time for Rise… and when we walked to the transport ship the skies had opened and it was absolutely pouring rain. So after Rise we had been planning on doing some bounty hunting but we pivoted to something inside and went to Muppetvision.

After that was some bounty hunting, Oga’s, and then Slinky Dog (our earlier LL had evolved to a golden ticket but we’d ridden everything else we wanted).

Our feet were killing us, so when we got back to WL we hit the hot tub and then ordered to-go from Geyser Point for some fantastic wings and Schofferhoffer in the room.

Amazing day!


I’m there for it.


Trying to keep up with this… so on to today!

We drove to UOR today. I got us Express Unlimited passes to make the day a little easier… and my oh my I do wish Disney would pay attention to this. It was such an easy day… I never looked at my phone, we wandered to rides and did them.

It was definitely a high-adrenaline day… Velocicoaster is our absolute favorite… we started the day with riding it back to back during early entry, the second time we waited for front row, which was a game changer. Going to have to do that from now on!

Got breakfast at Three Broomsticks, then did Forbidden Journey, Hippogriff, Hogwarts Express.

Got to see Celestina in Diagon Alley, wandered around a bit and then wandered to Lombard’s just to see if we could get in - they sat us within 5 minutes and we had a great lunch.

Then Men in Black, a Duff Beer, Mummy twice in a row, Rip Ride Rocket (“Country Road”), Hulk, Dr. Doom… whew! Lots of adrenaline rush there. Time for a break with a pretzel and beer, while DH took care of a couple of work emergencies.

Storms were rolling our way, so we decided we needed more Velocicoaster while we could - did it two more times back to back, both times front row again:

It started sprinkling after that, so we went into Poseidon’s Fury. I’m sad that’s going away… it’s a fun experience.

Finished the day with dinner at Mythos… which was fine, but I don’t get the hype.

Tomorrow is Epcot Flower & Garden… now to get some sleep after an awesomely exhausting day!


Thank you! I’ll be sure to post here when we launch.


I have never been. It’s next on my list.


I had no idea this was a thing. Thanks!!


Beautiful morning at Epcot!

We visited Lou and Lil Joe, Soared around the world, thanked the Phoenicians, had some Beverly then our ILL for Guardians (September!!). And relief bands worked for DH which was awesome so now on to our VQ!


I feel really dumb but who are Lou and Lil Joe?


(I wasn’t sure either until I googled.)


Oh right! I did know that. Thanks for the reminder.

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