Adventure is out there… a trip report

While I’m waiting here on hold to purchase my very first AP… thought it was a good time to start my trip report!

DH and I head out tomorrow for our anniversary trip to the magic!

Staying at Wilderness Lodge

Sat: Disney Springs
Sun: MK (with Keys to the Kingdom tour!)
Mon: HS
Tues: UOR with Unlimited EP
Wed: EP for F&G
Thurs: resort/mini-golf day with Hoop de Doo in the evening
Fri: AK (with Wild Africa Trek) in am and then fly home that night

New things for us on this trip will be Keys to the Kingdom TRON, mini-golf and Hoop-de-Doo.

Some of you may remember from my Girls trip last fall that one of my friends has a tradition of gifting something in memory of her mother on trips. (We were Flora, Fauna and Merryweather for MNSSHP and bestowed magic wands on young princesses on that trip).

This past December, my father passed away. He was my roller coaster buddy growing up at Six Flags and I had amazing times with him at WDW growing up and when my kiddos were little.

So I’m starting the same tradition - I have a handful of Disney gift cards that I will be handing out to fathers with their families - there is a note attached that says “My Daddy introduced me to the magic of Walt Disney World. In memory of him, I’d like to treat your family to your favorite Disney snacks! You are making magic for your family!”

I’m going to try to deliver them with a smile, but I’m sure there will be tears as well since I get choked up just typing this… but it’s important to me to do something like this.

Probably won’t be live reporting, but an update each evening. Thanks for following along!


This is beautiful :heart:
I’m so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful way to honor him!


What an amazing thing to do in memory of your father. I love that, so much.


This is amazing. And awesome. Amazingly awesome.


I’m sorry for your loss. What a lovely way to honour your father!

Hope it’s a wonderful trip.


:face_holding_back_tears: this is a beautiful way to honor him. I can’t wait to follow along.


Looking forward to your report! What a lovely idea–I’m sure it will make a difference to those that you gift.


Pic of my dad waiting out the rain in the Splash Mountain queue from the last time I went with him, about 15 years ago. He read to me from Song of the South when I was little so that ride meant a lot to us also.




Sorry for your loss but what a magical way to keep his memory alive :heart:


I am sorry for your loss. I love that you are handing out gift cards in his memory, that’s amazing


What an amazing way to honor your father. I am so very sorry for your loss. Many hugs for you.


I think you’re going to be fine! :wink: It’ll be so special to be helping dads make things special for their families. Have all the fun, lots of laughter and much magic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Looking forward to catching up with you here. :sunglasses:


At the airport, ready to go!


Love your bag!



I’m tearing up reading that. My dad is 92 and our trips to Disney are long past us.

Look forward to reports of the smiles you spread with your gifts.


Leveled up!


Disney Springs!

We landed around 1:30 and were at Wilderness Lodge by about 2:30 - and then on to Disney Springs by about 3.

I can never decide where to eat there… so we do a progressive thing! Started with a snack and drink at The Polite Pig:

Then to check on getting an AP… I’ve got 9 days of tickets already purchased for this year, but they would only allow me to apply 4 days to the AP, not the other 5, which made it not a good value, so we walked away from that. Maybe next year…

Then what represents the start of DH’s perfect trip - Dockside Margaritas:

Then time for “appetizers” at Boathouse - which for us (from TX) always means east coast oysters:

Then we wandered over to The Edison for some drinks before dinner. The stage show had started, which was mostly Post-Modern Jukebox-type music, with their own tapper! I used to teach tap so I loved this so much…

And finished off at Morimoto - toro, lo mein and a spicy tuna roll.

Back to WL for an early(?) night before MK tomorrow.




I love this beautiful way to honor your dad. Got me thinking what I would hand out in honor of my dad. Top 3 contenders are a keystone light, a pack of nabs and some live bait.

Disney gift cards are so much cooler. As a parent, this makes me hope my kids are this awesome one day. Looking forward to following along!