Ads? On TP forums?

Are we about to get ads on the TP forums? This just popped up on my phone.

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ugg I hope not


I feel like that’s always been there but only now noticing it :thinking:


Nope. Never been there. And like two minutes ago, I refreshed the screen and bam! There it was.


I noticed it a little earlier because it shifted the lists down farther on my screen.

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Yes, the more I’ve went in an out the list, it does look different.


What I am less sure about is the direct link to the Dashboard. Was that there? I don’t think it was. But…maybe it was and I didn’t notice.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: maybe just for freeloaders?

What do you mean? I do have an active subscription through June 2023.

the forum is always open to anyone, it’s just the cava chat thing that’s locked and only for subscribers

I just spent :zipper_mouth_face: doll hairs b/c of a link DFB shared; I wonder if they get a kick back? If TP is looking to make more money, then this could be a way to do so… You can’t maintain multiple residences or keep ppl on payroll w/ just thin air :wink:

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Aww shoot. And on the desktop, there’s a larger space after “ADVERTISEMENT”



I didn’t mean you I meant if you don’t have a subscription you see an actual ad but if you do it just has the word advertisement.

I don’t have this yet

At this time I can be thankful for firewalls.

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I wonder if this is a temporary glitch. The Dashboard link at the top, and the weird spacing makes me think some experimenting is going on not necessarily indicative of things to come (meaning ads).

Close the tab and open a new one. Probably will appear.

Ah. I see. Could be something like that.

You can ask Len but the only ads that have showed up in other chat/forum areas has been for TP products? For example:

This is Universal Chat and this banner is on each page.


Agree. That looks different too. Must be new.