Ads on these forums

We're running ads on these forums for approximately 30 days, to estimate how much revenue we might earn from displaying those ads over time.

We're trying to find out whether ad revenue might be enough for us to avoid some price increases in the future, while still continuing to add new features and improve the ones we've got.

At the end of the test, we'll post an analysis of how much everyone's subscription cost would change if ads were running. Using that, we can have a discussion about whether the ads are worth the hassle. My personal opinion is that ads would have to substantially reduce everyone's subscription costs, just to be considered. We need to run the experiment to make a fact-based decision.

Lots of folks - me included - happily pay $1 to avoid ads in their favorite mobile devices. That also might be an option here. If you have other ideas that would accomplish the same thing, please reply.

In the meantime, if these ads are entirely unbearable, and you're able to install ad-blocking software, I really like Adblock Plus.



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Thanks for the heads up. I've actually only seen one ad so far and of course it was for Disney. I didn't find it intrusive, however, I would gladly pay a few extra bucks a year to avoid them altogether if that were the option.

I don't mind ads as long as they stay unobtrusive. Pop ups are a different story! Thanks for starting this thread. smile

Thanks for clarifying. I could imagine TP going to an ad-based system overall, but I can't imagine paying a subscription AND having to see ads in the long term...

I also think that the subscription system cuts down on spam and trolls, so I would rather keep paying and avoid the ads.

@999HappyHaunts, yeah, I think you're spot on about spam and trolls. Definitely high on my list of benefits for a sub-based site.

Thanks @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 and @SallyEpp_cot!

Thanks @len! I have always been VERY impressed by how troll-free chat has been. There are one or two button-pushers but no where near as bad as any other internet forum I know of.

I have not seen a single ad. Not that I really want them but thought you should know they don't show for everyone.


I am currently seeing an ad for men's undies! My stars! I thought this was a family friendly chat! ;-D

Pretty sure the ads are targeted based on your web history @999 LOL... tongue


LOL! @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1! I can't even imagine... I was on the kohl's website yesterday but other than that I just use this computer for work and Lines... DARN YOU KOHLS!

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I'm getting Zulily (a shopping site for new moms). So ... yeah.

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SURPRISE! You're pregnant!

Congratulations @Lentesta congratulations lol

Very well thought out, well explained, honest, and understandable post. Thank you, Len.

Please count me among those who would pay a little more to go ad-free, either as an option, or for all. Would pay even more to have a "text-only-streamlined-fast-loading" version. Thanks!

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@ejj - nice to see you made it. smile

@daybreaker is looking at enabling server-side compression later today, to see how much that can reduce bandwidth and latency. I've had good success with that on other projects. Other things we're looking at are moving some graphics assets to our CDN (for faster delivery), and removing images from phone-based sessions. Give us a couple of days to work through all of this.

THIS IS MY AD! Surely I am not the target audience for this LOL!

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I am not seeing ads on the site either- using the computer. Haven't really tried to use the forums on my iPhone yet though. @999HappyHaunts maybe your DH has been shopping on your account for some new undies wink

Thanks for the heads up @Lentesta I appreciate all your hard work on this!

@999 I got the same one, huh?

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