ADR/throwaway room question

We are planning a Disney trip for 12/18-12/23 this year. I think I’m going to rent a DVC resort room but the issue is the room must be paid for within 24 hours of making the reservation. This normally wouldn’t be a problem except for all the uncertainty Covid 19 had caused. I don’t want to pre-pay for a resort and then have Disney shut down the parks over the stretch we booked. I really want to book Cinderella’s RT so I thought I’d book one night at a value resort so I can make that reservation at 180+ and then wait to book DVC until the future is a little clearer. My question is if I pay for the value room but don’t actually use it will I get to keep the dining resevation?

Yes, as long as you wait to get rid of the room until you get to 180 days before your reservation as anyone can make a reservation at 180 days out.

I was going to go ahead and pay for the room, I don’t want to game the system. I was thinking of booking the room for 12/18 since that’s when we would be checking in at the DVC resort. That way I could book our dining reservations at like 184-185 days out.

I don’t think that’s how it works. I think if you book for 12/18 you can book 180 and 180+1. Beyond that you have no reservation and you cannot book (until 180). You would need to make the reservation for the entire length of your stay.


Oh. I read somewhere that you can book ADRs at 180+10 from the checkin date.

Yep. You only get length of stay for dining, up to 11 days in all.


Only for the length of your stay though.


Well looks like I’ll be stalking Cinderella’s RT for several months. Lol

I would book a room only Disney room now for your planned trip. You will only have to pay one night’s charge, or book a package for the $200 deposit. I believe a DVC booking will be hard, if not impossible.


You can book the throwaway room for the length of stay (or even start it a little earlier), pay for one night, then cancel once the end of your trip is past 180 days. You’d only be tying up the room for a week or so.

ETA - This is my plan for our trip next year as we are doing a tri-split which would mean 3 different ADR days.

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Why do you think DVC will be impossible?


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How far in advance are you going to book DVC? I’m confused about the “24 hours” part. Are you renting points or do you own?

Renting points.

A lot of owners are trying to use points from cancelled trips. You are approaching the 7 month booking window (increasingly challenging during even slower times.) what type of room are you hoping for? I can look for you.

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If you are looking to rent points for a studio, it may be hard because you now within the 7 month booking window.

I haven’t really gotten that far into the planning yet.

Actually, I don’t know if this is working these days (it wasn’t a couple of weeks ago) but this looks like there might be rooms. I will check it through DVC to confirm:

That tool is wrong. There are 1 bedrooms but only SSR has any studios for your dates.

If you want a studio I would book it today.


We just booked a trip for basically the same time frame as you (12/17-12/24) renting points thru dvc rental store. There was very limited availability for studios. The only studios available were for AKL (savanna view, no standard), OKW , and SS and that was on 4/22. Same thing as other posters said under 7 months will be next to impossible.