ADR odds

What are my chances of getting the follow?

HDDR - 60+6 preferably 4pm
SciFi - 60+7 - around noon. Probably easiest of the bunch
Space 220 - 60+8 - noonish
Artists Point- 60+9 - around 5pm

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Space 220 lounge or restaurant. If restaurant, probably doable. If lounge, that seems to be right at the iffy line.


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You should be ok.

Artist point may be hard at first. If at first you don’t get it, don’t give up—set alerts to look for cancellations.

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That’s the plan. I figured +9 is as far out as you can go so it should work. I wasn’t sure about HDDR at +6.

Why aren’t you trying to book them all at 60 + 9? Several different trips?

No. I’m booking day 60 but it’s the 10th day of trip at +9, 9th day at *8 etc.

Gotcha. Staying offsite.

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what’s happening with Biergarten these days? Just did my 10 day ADR this morning at 0500CDT and the only times I could get was 1540 @ 10 days out. Place used to be easy to get but now Biergarten and Chef Micky’s is impossible to get. What the big deal all of a sudden?

Biergarten will show back up in a few days. Just keep checking. Sometimes they are late to release a block of possible reservations.

Chef Mickey’s may be the same way. If it doesn’t show, set an alert.

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Is Biergarten at lower capacity if not sharing tables? They really shouldn’t be sharing tables.

Last time we were there after the covid scare we did not share but before that we always had to share a table and met lots of people from all over. I do like not sharing though.


Still not sharing - I’d be surprised if they started sharing.

Yeah. Not a good idea. Is sci-fi sharing cars?

Yes, sci-fi is sharing cars.

how would one set a alert and on what?

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On the TP website there is a reservation finder. You will get a text if a spot opens up. If you’re fast, you’ll be successful. It works great and beats checking constantly.

I love I do the mid tier service and set up all kinds of alarms. I’ve gotten multiples of everything I wanted using them.

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