ADR 60+ not working, only availability at any restaurant is for 1st day

Ive used phone app, laptop browser, incognito mode, etc. Staying at dis resort, it lets me search for the whole length of my stay, but only the day 1 has any restaurant availaible. Days 2-5 show zero availability at any restaurant any park. Gotta be an IT glitch, now what?

Are you trying to look at specific times on the website? Have you changed those times by 30 minutes?

The dining search is broken.

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yep. both. it shows zero availability using any method past day 1 of my stay at any restaurant

I think you have to call at 7.

Thanks. Ugh.

Have you checked your reservation is showing in MDE?

Do you have a split stay (although even one night should allow you to book for two days)?

What is your check-in date?

Yes its showing, and no split stay.

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I just added a third question, when’s your check-in date?

Nov 4

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Ugh. At least it’s now 7am ET. Good luck!

yep trying phone now

hold message said over 2 hour wait!!!


What resort are you staying at?

This happened to me as well on my laptop only, but I could go on my mobile and make all my reservations for the entire length of my stay.

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swan reserve. Its linked in MDE and both the app and website show my search window as the correct days nov 4-9 and will let me search those days. Just nothing comes up after the 4th. I thought it could be bc of the Swan (even though i stayed there before without this issue) but my friend going the same time at the Beach Club is having similar issues this AM, both on her phone and ipad.

when i search on the app,I get “we’re having technical difficulties retrieving data from the server” or no times available. It varies

Sounds like a general glitch then. The good thing is that no one else will be able to book either.

When you said Swan Reserve I wondered if it was because they’ve pushed back the opening but if it’s linked in MDE it should be fine.

Yeah, i thought the same, but the Yacht Club being out blows that theory up. Is a 2 hour wait on the phone normal, or is that likely a sign that something is wrong w the site?

Or is it because that week (1st weekend in nov) is going to be bonkers crowded. Between this data point and the fact that every single Dis resort and the Swolphin is sold out these dates really makes me question the 4 level on the TP crowd calendar…

Now the website is giving me the “we are unable to check for available tables at this time” when i look by specific restaurant. So different error, same result. GRRRRRRRR!!!