Additional Fast Passes?

We are planning our first trip to Disney and I have just read about same day fast passes and scoring those and modifying after using our first fast passes. We have littles and will need a mid-day nap. Can I count on after dinner same day fast passes to be available? Or are those usually all gone by 3-4 pm? Thanks.

It’s possible to get them later on. MK is the best park for extra FPs because there are so many rides.

Ditto to the above - I have had a lot of luck all day, and it gets to be a bit of fun. Sort of a Fastpass roulette if you will :slight_smile:

I have had some success finding same day FP for Dumbo, Small World, Magic Carpets, Teacups, Under the Sea and Winnie the Pooh later in the day. Remember to search for the 4th FP as soon as you tap in for your third.

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I have gotten same day fast passes for EE and Navi River.

Try breaking your group up in smaller groups and book overlapping times if necessary.

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A lot of that availability will depend on the CL when you go.

This is true - but I will say even with CL10s I had no trouble getting what I wanted with a solid modify and refresh attack. Even for a party of 6.

Check at drop tones that fall during your break. Grab one for when you plan to return.

How do you figure our drop times for magic kingdom? I saw the other parks drop times.

MK does not have any regular drop times

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Just relentlessly keep looking. That is what worked for me. If you wished hard enough eventually what you wanted would appear. I was totally shocked.


We were successful getting same day FP in every park. Best bet is to use 3 FP before heading out of park. That will give you most availability.

Here’s our days (see additional links on the page below):
HS 2 days