Actual wait times at MNSSHP?

Hi all,

I’m deciding between buying the special 4 Park Magic ticket vs a 3 Park Magic ticket + MNSSHP ticket (to get our MK fix). We’d be focusing primarily on the rides during the party. I figure we can head to MK right at 4pm and fill up the pre-party times with low wait attractions (i.e. Railroad, Peoplemover, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, etc.) before heading to our usual favorites during the actual party (i.e. HM, 7DMT, Tron, PPF, IaSW, Tron, WtP, UtS). I’ve looked at Thrill Data for past wait times for a Friday MNSSHP night but I wanted to know the “actual” wait times since Thrill Data can only use what Disney posts and Disney likes to inflate times to manipulate crowd flow.

Can people who attended last year’s MNSSHP share their wait time experiences? I’m especially worried about how it’ll play out with Tron, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, and 7DMT. We don’t have VQ info for Tron vs Tiana yet but I’m guessing at least one of them will be a VQ during the party. That’s also another question I had- was it still a long wait on line in the Tron queue last year? I would hope that it would be less since they didn’t have to contend with ILL guests but from my quick on-line search, it could still be a 45 min wait, which is a decent chunk of party time.

My family has traditionally hit up MK during the daytime specifically on MNSSHP nights to take advantage of the lighter crowds. Do you guys think it’ll be lower waits in this scenario or during MNSSHP?

TIA for any input people could share!

I went in September last year! Overall, I rarely waited more than 10 minutes for any ride including Tron - except 7DMT that had a perpetual 30 - 45 minute wait.

I had a great time, but you can’t do it all in one night. I divided the park in half & did Fantasyland + Tomorrowland. I rode Tron twice - once via Lightning Lane before the party and during the event

Here’s a link to my trip report from that night. I did it “live”!!

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I’ve started making my plan for Oct. 3. Touring Plans is showing that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure closes at 6. I don’t remember Splash Mountain closing early. Any reason why? Is this typical or a mistake?

It’s going to be hard to ride the train (don’t judge), see the Tiki Birds, and ride TBA before 6.

Also optimize is forcing us all the way back to the Barnstormer first thing at 4. So weird. It might be because I have us getting on the train at Adventureland. I’ll go mess with it.

I need to start my park days with a walk down Main Street no matter what.

I think 6pm is the official close time for non-MNSSHP ticket holders on party nights. As in, I don’t think they let guest into any queues after 6pm if they don’t have a party wristband.

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I went to MNSSHP on Thursday, October 5. I used BG1 and got one of the first BG for the party. I waited 15 minutes or less. Basically walked on. I have a picture walking up the ramp to it at 6:47

I did not ride 7D. I was focused on party exclusive stuff. I was in line at MK around 3:15 and was inside MK at 3:45. I went right to COP because it was hot, I wanted to cool down and I love COP then rode Buzz, and Space Mt. before the park closed. I did wait almost 40 minutes for Space but the park was still open for day guests. Ate at Casey’s around 5:45. Throughout the night I rode JC, Pirates, HM, Pooh, People Mover, Small World. I watched the Cadaver Dans, the first parade, fireworks, and part of the parade a second time, and saw the midnight stage show. I hit almost all of the trick or treat stations and a bunch of photo spots.


They get more “hardcore” about it after 6:15pm - 6:30pm. CMs will make lines across the entry to each land and ask you to show your w/b. If you are inside a land and jump in a queue right at 6pm or so, then no one is going to stop you. The only ride I saw “close” between 6pm - 7pm was Tron.

I actually was wearing a costume with long sleeves that covered my wristband. I started to see if any CM would ask to see it. No one ever did!!! Maybe it’s because I was wearing a costume!

However, at MVMCP they were totally on top of it. I had to show it before the event and a couple times during!!