AC at Epcot Pavilion Restaurants

I made reservations at Beach Club this August and got the free dining. Last trip two years ago I used my sit down credits to get the preferred seating at night shows (Rivers, Fantasmic, Etc). This time, I have park hopper and we are close to Epcot. My plan is to hit a different country for a 7pm dinner every night and enjoy the most expensive complimentary alcoholic beverage available after Kidcot. I have my ADR set up for Germany (BierGarten) , Italy (Via Napoli) , Japan (Teppan Edo) , & Morroco (Marrakesh) .
I imagine the at 6pm hike over the bridge will be warm but manageable if we dress for it, but what happens once we get there? Do any of these restaurants have AC that will make my wife wish she brought a cover up? Will my 7&9 year old boys shiver in their shorts & sandals while we wait for food?

The only one I have experience with on your list is Biergarten. Definitely air conditioned, but not to the level any of my family felt they required an extra layer. And DW is the type of person who would (e.g. always shivers at the movies).

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This probably sounds ignorant, but I’m new here. What does DW, DD and DS stand for ? I see those abbreviations a lot.

It is extremely unlikely you’ll feel the need for a sweater after a 15 minute walk outside in Florida in August. Just leads to carrying more stuff you won’t need for “ just in case”.

this is not ignorant - DW - dear wife; DD - dear daughter and DS - dear son.

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I have been to disney many many times. The only time I was uncomfortable in shorts and tank tops was at night in March in Epcot.

In August you may wish you could walk there with even less clothes than what is considered appropriate!!


Just returned from WDW from our May 4-10th visit…I am the type of woman that likes to wear a light sweater for I get easily chilled if there is too much AC pumping into indoor venues when it’s warm outside. This happens usually in the U.S. Southeast. However, during all my indoor lunches and dinners, I found I never needed a sweater, and neither did my DD19. We dined at Epcot’s Via Napoli, Marrakesh, La Hacienda de San Angel. Also we dined at HS Brown Derby and 50’s Prime Time Cafe, in AKL, Jiko, and in MK, Liberty Tree Tavern, Be Our Guest, and Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen.


And here I thought it meant Disney wife, Disney daughter and Disney son!


it could mean what you like :sunglasses:

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Marrakesh is definitely air conditioned. My wife is “cold blooded” too and never has any issues. She genuinely find it a relief after being out all day. Great authentic food, fun cocktails and live entertainment! I go there for dinner at least once every WDW trip!

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This is really very helpful. I have a thin silk sweater I usually keep with me because I always freeze, but I didn’t really want to drag it through the parks. I didn’t take it last time but couldn’t remember what conditions were like, so thanks.

Me too! Glad I’m not the only one!

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Sounds like packing rain gear in the carrying bag is a better use of space. Thanks for all the replies.

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If you take a good rain jacket instead of a poncho, you’ll be covered for both rain and chilly temps. I probably would put on a well-fitted rain jacket if I was cold when indoors, but not a poncho!

I’m also a woman who is always freezing in air conditioned venues, but I’ve been to Disney maybe a dozen times and remember being colder on the rides than the restaurants. In the hotter months I carry a really light zip up hoodie (by light I mean it’s basically t-shirt material, but it’s long sleeved) and it is just enough to ward off any kind of draft from AC; I also will drape it across my legs on a ride when necessary. I’m not a fan of the “just in case” packing method, but I have found this very light addition to be a must-pack, as mine rolls up pretty tightly and takes up practically no space.

I won’t type what I assumed DH stood for awhile back… :rofl:


Hi, how was La Hacienda de San Angel, I´ve got a 7.45 reservation in the hope of getting a window seat to view illuminations. Was the food good?
I also have Jiko and Be Our Guest dinner , so any feedback or advice would be appreciated if you don´t mind.

Was the second word head? :blush:

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On most Internet forums the D is Dear, but on WDW-related ones it is Disney. :smiley:

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Well, my wife has what she refers to as her “Disney Husband”. He isn’t me. Instead, he is this man she went to high school with who she is Facebook friends with but hasn’t seen in person since high school. BUT, he takes his family to Disney several times a year, which she follows along with on Facebook. So she started joking that he’s her Disney Husband.

So, for me, DH decidedly means Dear Husband, NOT Disney Husband!