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Have questions while making dining reservations? Wondering where to eat? Which bars and lounges are best? Questions about menus? Is the Disney Dining Plan worth the money? Ask here.

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We are not doing the dining plan, but would still like to have 1 or 2 really nice sit down dinners. Do you have a top 5 must eat restaurant list? We like seafood, asian, and American food. This is our first trip and it’s a little overwhelming trying to plan it. Also, any other tips are much appreciated! :grinning:

I’d post a separate thread in this section on it. You’ll get lots and lots of suggestions because everyone’s tastes are different.

We are on the DDP but also have a DS 2 1/2 who will want his own drink mug. How much is it for a disney refillable mug?

.Looks like we will be on the DDP but we are not soda drinkers. Can you get seltzer? Maybe with lemon/lime? QS - assume one drink. What about TS? Thanks!

Seeking advice on which dining reservations to keep. Getting close to our trip! Apologize in advance, if this is not the appropriate way to post/ask. Arriving on a Thurs, starting at HS. Plan to pack some food and leave early afternoon. Have a reservation at California Grill at 5:00 (staying at BLT). Not sure if this is really worth the $$ to see the fireworks from the deck. We have the hopper ticket, so maybe better to hop to Epcot for dinner and back for fantasmic (or just stay at Epcot) vs. heading to MK for rest of day after hotel break.

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Are there table service restaurants open right before/or during the Halloween party?

What are the hours for quick service restaurants? Want to use some for dinner after a big lunch but not sure how long they are open.

I made breakfast reservations at Ohana and at Trattoria al Forno. I want just a regular breakfast - not a character breakfast. Can you make reservations for breakfast at these 2 places without it being a character breakfast?

I would to know how the food is at the character breakfast at Akershus royal banquet.

I have a question about the “order” of my ADRs. My family of 6 will be staying @ WDW from 2/2/2020 thru 2/9/2020. I’ll be making reservations for each day, beginning @ 6am on 12/4/19. My question is: should I make the more difficult to get reservations first (i.e. - Be our Guest on 2/4/20), or do you have to do them in order by date (2/2, then 2/3, then 2/4…)? Does it make a difference?
Thanks, in advance, for your response(s)

Sorry, 12/4 is my fastpass date; 8/6/19 is when I’ll be making my dining reservations.

question regarding the drink options with the dining plan. my daughter (15) and I will have the dining plan with one TS, one QS, and two snack credits during our stay. with the TS meal am i able to order an alcoholic drink? does it have to be just beer/wine/standard mixed drink or can it be a specialty drink? can my daughter order a specialty non alcoholic drink other than a milkshake or smoothie? what about at QS meals?

also if we want to use a QS meal for breakfast and would rather do the swap with snack credits - three snack credits such as two pastries and a side of bacon at boardwalk bakery how do we indicate that when ordering?