Are dinner reservations necessary for Liberty Tree Tavern?

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I’m just wondering if I should expect a long wait for dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern without a reservation. We’ll be there in a few weeks on a day when crowds are predicted to be low (3) and would probably eat around 6:00pm. We’re staying for the Not-So-Scary Halloween party, which we’ve attended before, and would like to have a sit-down meal before it begins. Do you think we’ll be OK just showing up at the restaurant with 2 adults and 2 children? Thanks!

You run the risk of being turned away entirely without an ADR. Otherwise you’d be waiting behind anyone that does have a reservation. 5:30 to 6:30 is probably going to be the busy time because people are trying to eat before the party starts, but being a low crowd day you never know. Is there a reason you’d rather not book a reservation? That’s the only way to guarantee yourself a table.

I’d make the ADR! LTT is popular before the parties.

Actually, I’d love to book a reservation but nothing is available between 4 & 7. That’s been my experience with almost every restaurant I’ve looked into. I made dining reservations back when I hit my 180-day mark, but since then, it’s been very difficult to make additional plans/reservations. This is our 3rd trip to WDW and I’ve never had so much trouble securing reservations and event tickets.

I hear ya. I tried to book LTT pre mvmcp in Nov but best I could do was 2:30p. Not at 180, but close. This fall, both ADR and resort availability have been EXTREMELY limited. This is our 4th annual Oct/Nov trip and I’m quite frustrated too.

Thinking the issue was the party. Not a lot available during (no ADR’s at all I think) so sit down prob gets a pre-party rush.

CHH is a good in-park alternative, IMO, if you can’t get an ADR.


Sam is right. Because dining options are so limited during the party, people get pushed to earlier in the day.

You might consider taking the monorail over to one of the resorts if it is too crowded to eat inside MK too. We have done that several times and it worked very well

Thanks! CHH was my back-up plan, so we’ll see how it goes!

LTT is one of the most popular in MK, and especially on a party night, when there are so few dinner ADRs available, they are going to go very quickly.

You may also want to check the night before – I saw a lot of availability within 24 hours of a reservation, presumably because people hold their reservations til the last possible moment before canceling them right before the penalty time. I saw some great reservations available for next day events.

It doesn’t hurt to check and ask… but Disney gets people in a frenzy to pre-plan every detail about their vacation and most restaurants in parks are booked solid. That being said we’ve walked up plenty in WDW… did Be Our Guest dinner twice in its first year.