A WDW AP’er goes to Japan

I’ll use this thread to spam you all with photos from Japan :rofl:

We originally were not going to renew our AP this year back in September, due to the trip to Japan, but on the very last day we did. We used it to go to WDW a mere month ago for Tron AP preview, and now we are off to Japan.

I have been looking forward to this trip since pre-Covid times. The plan then was all three Asia parks. With the way things are, we landed on just Japan. We will be there for 12 nights. 4 days at TDR split over the two weeks. 4 nights at Toy Story Hotel to start the trip before we go to Osaka for …Super Nintendo World! We’ll be in Osaka for 2 nights, 1 night in Kyoto, before a return to Tokyo for the last 5 nights staying at the Sheraton Tokyo Bay. The only international park I have been to previously is DLP.

Almost time to board my first flight, I can’t wait to arrive in Tokyo.


How exciting! Have a great trip.


How exciting!

Can’t wait to see your pics :smiley:

Where are you flying from and what does your flight itinerary look like?


So exciting! In addition to just being there, I’d be interested in EVC use in the parks and if the rides are as size accommodating as in WDW and DL. Just your observations. Those are my biggest fears about going to an international park someday.

Safe travels! Japan is wonderful!


I’m in Canada, so flying from Vancouver to NRT. I have a short flight to Vancouver, then 6 hour layover :crazy_face: The flight from Vancouver is only 10 hours. Friends I’m doing the trip with are coming from San Francisco and their direct flight is 11 hours. Nice thing is we arrive within 15 mins of each other at the same terminal.


I’m so excited to follow along! I dream of hitting all the parks someday!


A view from the SkyTeam Lounge in YVR. At least I have somewhere quiet to hang out for 4 hours. Walls on either side and a plug in to charge everything. (I have 6 lounge visits as a credit card perk)


We’re going in July/Aug. you’re gonna have better weather! We’re flying Austin—>San Fran—>Osaka (KIX) on United outgoing on points and home we’re stopping over in HI so going Tokyo(HND)—>Honolulu for a few nights and then Honolulu—>Austin and on Hawaiian Airlines since they are the only ones with direct flights to Austin and they had good deals fromTokyo.

Also I have a Nanaimo-ian (aka Vancouver Islander) in my house right now! Woot for Canadians!

Have so much fun and give us all the tips. Like about Premier Access if you use it. Curious how successfully it works! And the lottery show system! I hope you get to see the nighttime parade. It looks gorgeous!


Excited to follow along! We have plans to go to Japan in 2025 for a month so I will be watching your report closely!

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I’ve been awake for over 25 hours now. I think it’s time for some sleep…in the hotel provided Toy Story PJ’s :rofl: We are staying in the room with the trundle bed & pull down for some extra space (3 adults). I took the pull down as it a was the “softer” choice of all hard bed choices. We took the train to the hotel with no issues as the Limousine Bus was sold out.


Have a great trip! I’m in the early stages of planning a trip to Japan for late next near, so looking forward to following this thread and any tips you may have :blush:





We randomly stumbled upon the Flagship Disney Store location today, then had mid-afternoon lunch at the Wonder Movie Cafe - a Disney Themed Pop-up.


Have a great time in Japan! I have been there but not to Tokyo Disneyland (though I wish we could have stopped by). Beautiful country.


Our minds are completely blown at how clean Tokyo is. Barely a speck of garbage to be seen …even though garbage cans are hard to come by.

Tomorrow we finally hit the Disney Parks starting with Disneyland.

BTW, if anyone is wondering, yes mask wearing is high, but no longer required. Primarily tourists not wearing them, but have seen locals also not wearing, or wearing under the chin. We have not yet had to wear one.


Tokyo is a wonderful city. I hope that DL is fantastic for you! You and your family’s enjoyment is primary but I would really appreciate it you could keep an eye out for disability/accessibility issues particularly since Japanese are generally smaller. Perhaps find Guests with disabilities guide like there is in the US or noticing if they have ECVs for rent or just if the rides feel the same size as US Disney parks. You don’t need to go out of your way or anything like that. It’s just the TDL website doesn’t seem to have as much information about that compared to the US Disney sites. At least when I looked last.

Have all the fun possible in Japan and at Disney!!! We have so many wonderful memories of Japan, but Disney is not a place we went.


The advantage to having your time zone all messed up …we were up at 5 am. So got to the park just before they opened security for “Happy 15” entry (an hour before the time they told us to arrive by) The difference compared to WDW …most are sitting on the ground while waiting for park open. (Me included!) I don’t have a mat like most, but the ground is very clean.


They do have some info on their website, it seems they offer a discount for those with disabilities - probably because you can’t do all the rides.

I have seen the odd person in a wheelchair (like rare) and exactly one ECV. They do have Wheelchairs, but no ECVs.

The rides are not very accommodating. Many we have been on have the separator between seats. Those more Pooh sized or very tall would probably find accessibility issues. I don’t think my brother would be very comfortable on many of these rides (if he fit at all) I don’t believe I have seen anyone who is big & tall. (I’m 5’9” and feel extra tall here :joy:)

As I type this, saw 2 more in an ecv :joy:

I don’t know how comfortable I’d be at this park a few years ago before I lost weight.


It would be difficult to overestimate the degree of my bitterness and resentment that you are taking this trip. One day I will be so brave.