A question about what to wear :)

I want to be sure everyone in our family has FUN and can last as long as possible. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes can really ruin it for some people (I am one of those people). Here’s my questions for those of you who spend long days walking at Disney

-I am a 37 year old woman- should I wear capri work-out type pants OR shorts? It’s going to be May/June when we go. I am from Texas, so I understand heat & humidity. The thought of work out pants all day sounds a lot more comfortable than shorts, but what do you ladies prefer to wear?

-Shoes: What are the best shoes for walking all day and not rubbing, causing blisters and give the best support?? For a woman, a man, and for little boys. I have googled “BEST SHOES FOR WALKING LONG DISTANCES” and there’s so many options I dont know which sneakers to choose. Do you prefer a brand/type for adults AND for kids?

I wore capris, as I’m not really comfortable on shorts anymore. Last trip we went was in May. Oddly enough, I have found my Skechers flip flops to be the most comfortable when walking around amusement parks. Go Walks are ok as well. My DH wore Croc sandles and my kids wore sneakers or Crocs. The sneakers were Skechers I believe.

Work out capris were the best for me. I packed those and shorts and wound up feeling much more comfortable in the capris. For shoes I alternated Teva Infinity sandals, some comfortable sneakers, and Tom’s. I think Tom’s are comfortable, but I know not everyone does. For my son, we did some Nike and Puma sneakers alternated–he doesn’t like sandals.I read a lot about different shoes because I’ve had Planter Fascitis before and I’m super paranoid about causing some sort of issue again. The best advice I read was to give yourself time to break the shoe in to a comfortable level before your trip.


I vote sparkleskirts! Best of both worlds and super cute.


I take 3 types and rotate: sketchers go walks, Clark’s flip flops, and my keens.

This is what I wear to any hot climate for an out-door type vacation. I’m in my 50’s but don’t have anything to hide, yet :rofl::

  • hiking sandals (if they get wet who cares). I have Tevas. If rain or a water ride isn’t in the forecast, I also like Finn Comfort sandals and you can get nicer-looking ones for ADRs. These are probably the best walking sandals made. If you have very troublesome feet, they will take orthotics.
  • A microfiber shirt of some kind. If I have an ADR, I’ll wear rayon or silk twill (like a Hawaiian shirt). They all dry quickly and are very comfortable in the heat. Cotton is just bad for many reasons.
  • Knee length shorts, again some type of synthetic.


  • A dress made out of one of the above materials.There is nothing easier or cooler than a dress.

I also have a pair of leather Picolinos sneakers I wear on the plane, they are waterproof and I wear them with little Smartwool socks. I still prefer sandals in the parks, though.


I usually wear shorts when it is that hot, sometimes capris in the evenings. As for shoes, I alternate at least every day, or often during our midday break. I alternate between Keens and 2 pairs of Vionic Orthoheel flipflops. With Vionics, you want to wear them for a few hours every day for a few weeks to break them in. Once broken in, they are great for the parks. They provide a lot of support and are available in all sorts of patterns. These are basic:


Keens are my other shoe of choice since they are waterproof. Perfect for the water rides and rain, they dry quickly. I do not wear socks in warm climates, so these are the best alternative to sneakers/socks.


As for kids, when they were younger they too wore Keens. Now that they are 15 and 17, one wears Nike tennis shoes with socks (that is all my DS15 likes to wear anywhere right now), and my 17 year old daughter wears the most uncomfortable looking sandals with no support. Girls! It’s all about looking good for her, despite me trying to get her to understand why support is good.


Young girls can literally wear flip-flops everywhere with no problem. On a trip to Italy, I was surprised to see so many tromping the ancient (and incredibly uneven) cobblestones of Rome looking happy as clams in $10 sandals. Aching feet are a privilege of their elders!


I wore new balance running shoes. DH wore converse. I’d probably go for the workout pants.

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In summer, I wear Starter Capri Performance Leggings. They keep me cool and dry. Highly recommend. Footwear is Rockport Franklin sport sandals. No flip flops for me. I can’t deal with those in wet weather!

Long sundresses are a lifesaver in Florida weather.


I’m a 42 year old woman, also from Texas and go to Disney in August. I wear shorts and tennis shoes (Nike or new balance). The idea of wearing any kind of workout pants in 90+ degree weather personally sounds horrible to me, but to each their own.

I also cannot imagine wearing a dress either, though I have seen women in them and also in high heels. Personally, if I wore a dress, I would want to wear shorts under it, and if I’m wearing shorts, I might as not well bother with a dress.

Our kids wear nike sneakers every day and that’s what they wore to Disney. We walked 8 - 10 miles / day for 7 days. No blisters.


Oh yes. I used to force her to wear what I thought were appropriate shoes, and she would complain and complain. I finally gave up maybe 2 years ago, she wears what she wants and no longer complains that her feet hurt. I don’t know how she can stand it!


I’ve seen women wearing high heels on the boardwalks in Yellowstone. I don’t get it. At some point, it’s no longer fashion, it’s farce!

The dresses I typically wear are knee-length sheaths, they don’t fly up in the wind or anything like that. I have one that is so comfy I can (and have) slept in it on super long flights, worn it all the next day and still look good for dinner. I could also get doused on KRR and be dry in a half hour. I got it from Travelsmith.

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I’m 41 and I wore running shorts and a tank top every day on our trip last July. The running shorts were comfy and dried quickly if they got wet.

Shoes are really a personal thing. I’m a Chacos sandals person. I can walk further in them than in any other type of shoe, and they also dry quickly if they get wet. But I’d wear whatever type of shoe you feel most comfortable in, since everybody’s feet are so different. The best advice is not to wear brand new shoes on the trip and to bring more than one pair so you can alternate days. That helps fight some of the fatigue.

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I wore capri sweat pants every day last trip in November, and I hate them in every single photo. I absolutely hate looking like I am wearing pajamas. This trip I am planning on wearing jean capris, jegging capris, or athletic type pants. I am a size 14 pant so if I wear skirts I have to layer, which sucks.

I always wear sneakers. If I am planning on getting wet, I throw flip flops in my bag, put them on for water rides, and then change back into sneakers. I wear whatever sneakers I have broken in at home for at least a few weeks but less than 6 months, if possible. I wore NB last trip with socks, every day, and had no issues. DH wore NB sneakers, and my daughter tried wearing cute Minnie Crocs, got a blister, and then went with sneakers and socks the rest of the trip.

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I would also recommend shorts during that time of year; I wore them during the day during much of my January trip. (and I’m 39).

I would also concur with the vote of @AuntB_luvsDisney:

I wear mine mostly for running, and can’t love them enough. They would certainly be a good choice for you as the heat hits.


I think flip flops (including crocs) at amusement parks aren’t a good idea. I think footwear should strap onto your feet at least. One, for the sake of rides (risk of them flying off, etc…although, not a huge deal at Disney). Two, for the sake of the feet not having to adjust to hold the flip flop on.

I find it humorous to watch people (mostly girls) do this kind of funny shuffle walk when they wear flip flops.

Anyhow, my wife loves her Skechers. Usually, she’s a flip-flop/sandal (Crocs usually) kind of girl. But at Disney, Skechers all the way.

For me, I usually wear sneakers…New Balance are my favorites. Same kind that I run in. I did manage to find, after years of trying, some sandals I like on particularly hot days: Reefs. Only thing is, I can no longer find the same strap-on kind that I bought, so I hope mine never wear out!

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Do you find you get blisters or areas where your foot rubs out if you wear keens barefoot? I would love to try them.

I agree on the emphasis on breathable dryable light synthetics like Dryfit. even if you don’t go on water rides you will want your clothes to dry quickly or you will be miserable. for the same reason, i wear the kinds of sandals made for camping/hiking/water because you do not want have wet, damp feet. running shoes have cushion and support, but usually aren’t high on breathable and prevent wetspots, which become hotspots, which become blisters. I wear Chacos or Keens.