A question about what to wear :)

When I first got them yes. So I used Monistat anti chaffing gel and that stopped happening.

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That’s a great point about safety with sandals. Straps are a must in an amusement park, definitely can’t have them falling off!

I’m not in a position to personally answer your first question, but I can tell you that when we we have been to WWD in October, but my wife wore work-out pants even on the days where it got into the 80’s.

As for the second question, we each bring 2 pairs of running shoes. We find it helps to switch off days. Also, we each bring a set of Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts (which you can find at most drug stores). We don’t always need them, but they are helpful to have if our feet start to hurt and we have used them on occasion at WDW. We are both in great shape and run regularly, but all that walking can sometimes take its toll on our feet.


@AuntB_luvsDisney and @MouseGirl42 what are sparkleskirts & why do you like them?

They are wonderful creations that consist of a wonderfully patterned (or single color, if that’s your preference) skirt over the top of built-in spandex shorts underneath. They also include a zippered pocket at the waist and a pocket on the thigh of each shorts-leg.

There’s enough space to carry my phone and all of my race nutrition for a marathon and have leftover space.

And they’re super comfy.

Found at


Moisture wicking, fast drying, light weight, comfy, stylish, no thigh chap, pockets and pockets and more pockets!


As for why I love them… I can feel delightfully feminine and stylish, yet be comfortable, including the prevention of the dreaded thigh rub, all at the same time. And they have enough storage as to mean I don’t need to carry anything else.

Available in several standard lengths and fits.

If you remember any of my race outfit pics from January, I was wearing them for all of the races.

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I hate wearing regular shorts (i.e. with a fly and a button), so I opted for spandex-y shorts, mostly. I also got a pair of these shorts, which I LOVED. They have pockets.

Old Navy has some comfy, not-too-expensive workout shorts that worked perfectly for me.

We went in September last year and it was SURFACE OF THE SUN hot. But it’s too much walking to wear sandals, so I mostly wore my super-comfy Dr. Scholl’s slip-on sneakers and my feet did great.

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Oh, yay! Longer lengths? I am tall and a little self-conscious about showing too much leg (although they are fine-looking legs if I do say so myself :smile: ), so that’s great. And very rare, I might add. I usually pack hiking pants that are over 20 years old because they don’t make them in talls anymore!

Thanks so much, you too @AuntB_luvsDisney. Definitely will give these a try.

I wonder if they’ll hold a can of bear spray? Not for WDW, mind you.


Depends on what you’re looking for in “Longer”! :wink: The fit called “Hiker Chic” should hit you just above the knee. And that’s their current longest length. They are made for brisk activity, after all!


On me they won’t hit just above the knee, but it looks like they’ll be fine, especially with the shorts underneath. Worth a shot.


Haha, the red/white dotted one they call “Minerva”, oh, they’re just dying to call it Minnie but they can’t. :smile:

Space invaders! Navi lights!

These are fun.


I want a pair SO BAD but I don’t think I can justify the price when I will probably only wear them at Disney… but they’re so cute! And POCKETS!


Pshhhh just show off the gams. Life’s too short not to!


Haha, well I was voted “best legs” in my high school class- in 198* :rofl:
I was trolling for smartest, I think they did it to me on purpose.


How do those work on rides though?

I strongly prefer sandals over any other footwear.

In FL during warmer months I prefer a skirt to anything else. I like to wear bike shorts underneath for modesty getting I to and out of rides.

In DLR it wasn’t as hot and humid so I did wear some shorts (though I prefer knee length shorts) as well as skirts.

I’m going to check out some of the brands mentioned up thread.

If we end up going this November, it’ll be interesting when I decide to wear. I do not care for sneakers much at all, but if my feet are cold the rest of me may as well leave and go to bed.

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Just buy them- life’s too short not to! :wink:
Then you’ll be inspired to be athletic, and you’ll live longer. Why, these skirts could save your life!
Think of your parents. Honestly, it’s a moral obligation to get a pair.


Listen, even my 82 year old gramie has nice legs, and I tell HER she should show them off more often. Who cares what age you are!


Sounds like you’re a perfect candidate to become a SparkleSkirts acolyte… :wink: