A Musical Dream Birthday Trip Report

After a lot of planning and changing, I am finally at the day before my birthday trip!! It consists of WDW from 7/18-21 staying at Music and a 5-night Disney Dream Cruise with 2 stops at Castaway Cay!! Being at Disney World ON my birthday has always been a dream and this time it will happen!!

I got checked into my flights this morning and discovered a fun fact! At least for American Airlines domestic flights - well, maybe just shorter haul…I don’t know about cross-country ones - at the 24-hour mark, those seats that have an upcharge - the Economy Plus and the Exit Row seats - that are not sold lose the upcharge!! The catch is it ONLY kicks in at the 24-hour mark. I grabbed one for my flight from JFK to CLT (very happy about this since my connection is 50 minutes and in case there are delays I want to be able to jump off quickly - though right now they are only 4 gate numbers apart) at check in, but the CLT to MCO one still had the charge. I tested my theory and went back to that flight at its 24-hour mark and voila - an Exit Row, window seat!! I’ll nap and then get up and be ready by about 1:30am to watch the weather and dash to the subway between rain hopefully! Worst-case the umbrella comes too and I leave by 2:30 at the latest.

Landing in MCO is scheduled for 10:58am, and I will head straight to Magical Express and then onto Music.

Here’s the plan as now…
Lunch at Music and hopefully dropping bags in the room.
Head to Epcot around 3:30ish for a few hours, then monorail over to MK for Villains After Hours.

Breakfast at ‘Ohana with a friend (she is also going to be at VAH, but at this point we do not have meet up plans there), then I think to MK for the morning - unless she wants to do the Wine Walk at Epcot. My afternoon and evening will be at Epcot.

Saturday (birthday!!)…
Breakfast at Tusker House, then Up Close With Rhinos!!! And the day at AK complete with FOP FP+!!

I have a PPO breakfast ADR at Garden Grill, but keeping that will depend on my DCL Bus pick up. In February it was 12:30pm from AOA, but it always varies based on the number of people using it and what resorts and can start as early as 10:30. If timing is too tight for my comfort zone (trying not to spend extra on Lyft, etc this trip) I will cancel and just have breakfast at Music.
DCL Bus to Port Canaveral and boarding the Dream for a cruise that will go to Castaway Cay, Nassau (aka sea day in port for me), Castaway Cay, and a Sea Day!!

I will do my best to keep the land portion updated! The sea…I am not planning to buy internet on board so that will come after!

Hooray!! Vacation is here!!


That sounds like an amazing birthday trip!


Hope it all goes well & you have a great Birthday. Can’t wait for that trip report!


That sounds fantastic! I look forward to your report!


Awesome birthday plans!! Safe travels and have ALL THE FUN!! :fireworks::fireworks:


That sounds like SO much fun – have the best time!!! Can’t wait to follow along!

I think I need to book Up Close with Rhinos when we’re there in November – apparently you get to PET THEM (!!!).


Sounds so lovely!!! Happy birthday to you!!!


I am soooooooo excited for the tour!! I booked right at my 180 day mark!! I have my “Rhinos are just chubby unicorns” shirt all set for that day!!


Yay! Sounds like a fab trip! I love the title. Nice work grabbing the seats.


I was super surprised the fee was gone! I had gotten an included seat as close to the front as I was comfortable with to be able to store my carry-on and not check it. But this gets me onboard after pre-boards and first class, so no problem with the bins!


The fee tip is a great one! Have an amazing birthday trip!!!

We are going on the same cruise on the Dream next summer so I will be watching for your trip report.


Have a great trip!


ENJOY! and Happy Birthday


I cannot guarantee it will work for all airlines. It does not for JetBlue, I know. And they (JetBlue) will not let people move into those seats once the plane is boarded (I was the only one in an exit row coming back from my friends’ wedding and someone tried to move into one of the seats across the aisle and the flight attendant politely told them those seats are an extra fee and so the passenger could not move. They used to have a “buy onboard” option for them, but I guess not anymore. Probably because they removed the readers when they quit charging for movies.)

Honestly I was shocked to see the no $ on the orange colored seats and fully expected to see a fee pop up. I still keep checking to make sure I have not been bumped back. Lol.


Sounds like a great birthday trip!!

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Happy Birthday vacation and Indulge yourself!


Have a magical birthday! Enjoy the trip.


Congrats to you for making one of your dreams come true. Looking forward to a trip report. :smile:


Sounds wonderful. I hope you have a great trip. Happy Birthday!


Made it from JFK to CLT!! Boarding for the second leg is in 20 minutes!!

I feel like I am going to pay for my TSA experience this morning on the way out of MCO. There was NOBODY in line! Breezed right through! I have PreCheck, but even the regular line was only 2 minutes per the timing screen.

Super ready to get my Mickey on!!!