A lurker’s try at live trip report

Good morning all, feels like it should be sometime in the afternoon but no it’s just about 6am. I guess that’s what happens with you set the alarm for the middle of the night.

So some introductions, long time lurker, I kinda obsessively read the forum but only have posted myself a handful of times over the years. The amount of info I get from everyone is amazing and pretty much always answers any questions or issues I might have. So I have been to DW 14 times over the years since I was a kid. Once I became an adult, I went quite frequently until I started dating my husband in 2015. To put it in perspective, between 2015 and now, I have only been back twice. Why you might ask, well what changed in 2015, oh yeah my husband. He just just not that magical. I mean I love him to death but we definitely have different views when it comes to Disney.

So back to the present, this is my first SOLO trip! I do not have anyone holding me back or anyone to pacify and make sure they are ok. Our DD7 has been kept out of the secret and does not know where I am headed to. So you might remember a post or 2 from me talking about conferences at DW. I am still in shock as I sit in the airport that my conference for work is still happening. The original trip, like many others has been scheduled and rescheduled more times than I can remember. It’s not a huge conference, just a “training” session for the union I am a member of, well not just a member but a Chairmen also.

So we are staying at CSR, preferred rooms. My meetings are only Wednesday and Thursday, but I added a couple of days prior and headed there today, like right now. Flying out of Philly. I know I asked some silly questions about only traveling with a carry on and oh my what a difference. So much less stress.
Well, we are boarded and just about to push back from the gate. 7am departure and it’s almost right on the dot. I was happy to have an aisle seat, empty middle seat, 3rd row to make a quick escape to make my way to ME.


Safe travels! Have fun!

Enjoy your trip!

Have a great time soloing in The World!!!
Safe travels!!
Looking forward to following along!

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Nothing beats the first flight to Orlando from Philly airport, you should be at a park before lunch, enjoy.

Sounds fun. And your flight was on time, so you’re already off to an excellent start. :sunglasses:

Have fun, look forward to following along!

It sounds like it is a great time to be there with crowd levels so low. You’ll have a great time. Thanks for bringing us along.

Flight actually landed 20 minutes early. Really off to a great start. Wandered my way through the airport, checked into ME and right on a bus with about 12 other people. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long but did get an actual Disney bus. I debated on taking a RideShare but since there was no line I decided I could that $40 for something else, of course I have to bring some surprises home.


So we waited for a pretty full bus, about 20 minutes or 2. Making 4 stop; AOA, POP then CSR. I stop listening after that and did not hear what the 4th stop was. When doing online check in, I put my arrival time as 10am. 1001am I received my room ready text. Casitas building 1. Can’t get much closer to the convention center than that. So excited! Out of all the times I have been here, I have never even seen any of the value resorts, kinda looking forward to dropping off there first just so I can see.
I also have never been or seen CSR so lots of anticipation.



Smooth entry! What airline did you use?

Love CSR and the Convention Center is great.

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Southwest. I was so scared with all the horror stories, but have no complaints at all.


It really is beautiful. Gonna take a bit to get acclimated but I’m usually good with directions and can always ask someone.

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Have a great trip! I’m glad you came out of lurkerdom to share with us.

So arrived at CSR. Went directly to the room. Unpacked, changed and out the door. I always seem to forget something when I travel and thought I had that covered this morning. Got in the car and made it down our block when I realized I forgot my wedding ring. Turned around and got it. Thought I that was it but nope, after unpacking realized I forgot not only a hat but my sunglasses too. Guess that 40 bucks I saved from Uber will be spent sooner than I thought.
Walked to the bus stop, had 3 buses in a row for Epcot and next one, AK. Hopped on and away I go.


Epic start so far! Glad you came out of the lurker shadows. Hope you have the best time!

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Ooh @missoverexcited added a badge for you! Lucky!


I think you’ll find that was Disney magic :blush:


Your trip is off to a great start! Thanks for taking us along and have a fabulous time!