A few random questions

Citizens of Hollywood: where does this take place and around what time? The website is of little help and it just says on Hollywood Blvd. But every time I’m at HS, I never see them.

Any rumors floating about HS DAH yet? On Disney’s site, it looks like they released DAH dates for both MK and AK through September, but nothing about HS (obviously). Looking at the schedule, 9/3 and 9/5 both have DAHs, and if previous scheduling is anything to go on, 9/4 could easily be slotted for a HS DAH.

Speaking of DAH: I’m debating doing the MK one again (I had a great time the last time I did it) but I’m already signed up for MNSSHP and I’m wondering if it’d be “too much MK” (nnnnot really sure that’s “a thing”, but whatever). I’m more wondering about the AK one, though. If FOP is super low priority, is DAH worth doing? When I did HS DAH before, the lack of rides definitely made an impact for me as I found myself rather bored about half way through. But then HS is boring without rides/shows/Star Wars where as AK is at least interesting to just meander around (especially at night).

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I don’t know if the Citizens of Hollywood follow any particular pattern. We’ve seen them both on Sunset Blvd and Muppets Courtyard, both on the same day. Different characters, different story lines, I think a couple may have been the same CMs playing different parts.

I wouldn’t expect DAH at the studios just now. I think it would be difficult to say to people who had been waiting all day to get into Galaxy’s Edge “sorry, it’s closed” and then let people into the park and straight to GE. Especially when they don’t know how things will go with it. Personally I think they’re off the schedule until a couple of months after Rise opens.

But worth watching for none the less.

I always found even late EMH at the Studios weird. It seemed eerie and somehow lacking any character.


Especially around Echo Lake, I fully agree. I hope things will get better once GE and Mickey’s Railroad opens up, but I doubt it.

Annnd new question: Has anyone shipped their luggage home while staying on property and not having a car? What’s the procedure? I’m seriously considering this cause retrieving luggage at the airport is so annoying (and if I can simulate the Magical Express a bit for the trip home, all the better) :smiley:

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@Randall1028 if you get an answer for this, let me know. That would really make the return trip so much better.

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How much would your luggage weigh?

You could look up shipping prices now to see if shipping cost is worth not having the airport hassle. I’ve been surprised at how quickly the cost goes up when shopping even moderately sized boxes.

Don’t most Deluxe hotels have business centers that do shipping? Seems convention hotels would be needing to provide all sorts of stuff.

DAH?? Can’t find on acronym list

Not sure yet. Anywhere from 25-45 lbs total. Depending on the hassle of the process of getting it shipped will largely determine my interest in how much I want to do this and then adjusting my luggage setup to make it affordable.

So for example, if I gotta Lyft to a UPS store with my luggage and then lyft back to the parks on my last day, that’s just not worth the effort and I won’t do it even if it was like $5 to ship everything.

Disney After Hours :slight_smile:


If you’re not at a hotel with a business center you probably have to use alternate transportation.

Or, hey! Disposable clothes! I saw a frugal packing tip somewhere about bringing old underwear in the trip. Discarding it. Using that now available space for souvenirs.

Seems like a lot of ancient undies or few mementos.

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That still doesn’t solve the “don’t want to lug luggage home.” problem. :slight_smile:

Hmm, after a bit more research, it looks like almost every hotel ships packages (which makes sense for those who went overboard on purchasing souvenirs).

Ship pre-packed, pre-labeled packages at the Front Desk or Concierge desk of most Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Hotels that include an onsite Business Center, including Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, also ship packages for Guests. Regular shipping and handling fees will apply.

So I’d just need to set it up and drop it off at the front desk? That seems too easy.

You want to ship all of it home?

I mean if you’re staying onsite you can do the resort check-in if flying with one of the participating airlines. That will get it all the way to your final airport destination.

But you want it to arrive at home? Well I guess so. Interesting to see the cost.

Yup. Essentially duplicating Magical Express’s ability to deliver right to your hotel room…only in reverse and I’ll get my luggage a few days later after I get home (which is fine as nothing vital will be in my luggage anyway).

I’m looking up the prices now and it seems it’d be roughly $60-$80 for ground shipping (after taxes). The real trick seems to be the departure and shipping day. UPS doesn’t do pickups for ground on Saturdays (but they do on Sundays), and Fedex won’t let me see past …Tomorrow (no idea why.) And USPS looks like it does saturday pick ups, but as they are the most expensive at $72, not really sure they’re a real option.

Using acronyms that nobody knows isn’t helpful you know.

Or so I was once recently told.

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Found this site with a quick goggle search. Think about it, we always have cart to rent or handlers to tip anyway so I could subtract that from the cost. I am liking this more every minute

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Right? Never heard of those guys specifically, but that’s not a bad rate at all (especially if you can include more than 1 bag per shipment at that cost). I did a mockup with 2 bags and it ends up being $100, but combining them into a “55 lbs box” kept it at $60.

Ugh, though looking at it, they don’t collect your luggage on weekends. Wonder if the resort would care if I leave the bags there for over 24 hours (I would imagine they would)?

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I think you answered your own question there… :slight_smile:


I’m also very, very curious about DAH at HS… and of course, whether or not it will include SWGE.

I also wonder if it will sell out much faster than usual. For MK at least, i’m not planning on buying DAH tickets til closer to the trip, since they are non-refundable. But for HS… I feel like i’d need to buy pretty soon after they got released, if they did include SWGE. Hadn’t planned on doing more than MK DAH, but how could anyone resist DAH at SWGE?

I kind of love how my budget keeps going up! (Seriously, I kind of do.) DH just asked if we could do Savi’s Workshop, and well, it will be his bday… so…


I’m not actually sure. Are you saying it is a thing and one should not go for the MK DAH?

Regarding HS’s, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t include GE. Since it’s after the park “standard hours” and it’s able to be sold out, there’s really not a logical reason it wouldn’t include GE as it would otherwise be sitting there not making money during that time. All things might not be open (like maybe Savi’s during a DAH), but the ride I’m sure would be.



If you can swing it in your budget, DO IT!

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bwahahah…i forgot this place was just a bunch of enablers…

(and I’m still ok with it. :smiley:)



I went down for a quick trip to Festival of the Arts last year.

One of the pieces I purchased was not going to fit on the plane as carry-on in any way, shape or form, and I was not checking any luggage.

I was able to have it sent home for me, via UPS, from the concierge desk - at All Star Sports.

I suspect that if you decide to ship, you can do likewise from any Disney Resort - and would not need to Lyft to a UPS store.

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