A Few Of My Favorite Things. (Live/Solo)

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Welcome to my trip report. Where (my) dreams come true.

Lol! It’s far too early for this level of foolishness so early in the morning (2:00AM)
But don’t you worry, Mr. Bluebird. There will be plenty of foolishness to come. :crazy_face:

Why am I awake at this hour? Well, my flight boards at 4:30 and my anxiety said let’s take the airport shuttle at 2:00 AM. As I was leaving my room the front desk called to say the shuttle driver suggested I leave at 3:00. I proceeded to the lobby anyway. After some back and forth the driver convinced my anxiety to sit tight til 3:00. He suggested I relax in the room, but no. My nosey self wanted to hang out in the lobby.

“See the line where the sky meets the sea. It calls me.”
They are having a charity auction and ummmm … :eyes:


I didn’t bid on it, which will make my husband proud. You see, he teases me because I suffer from “OMG! That’s So Cute Syndrome.”
(It’s a real disease. Look it up.) :wink:

I buy a lot of merch - mostly Disney related. because it’s “so cute!”
Hubby insists I’m not going to use most of what I buy. He claims I buy just to put it on a shelf. To prove him wrong, I am traveling with a Few Of My Favorite things.

Annnnd … I am afraid my is overweight. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:.

It keeps tipping over. :laughing:


I am always super early to the airport too. Have a great time!

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Me to the Gate Agent: (accepting my bag is likely overweight)

“How much if my bag is overweight?” (Opens wallet)

Gate Agent: $75

Me: :skull:

My large suitcase was 48lbs. :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:
The smaller one 38 lbs.
Moving on to the next thing to stress about.
Boarding begins at 4:30. Security opens at 4:15. :flushed:


Good morning. Happy to see someone else awake. What time is it there?



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Flying Southwest. Forgot to check into my flight yesterday. With B22 group I still have this. :slightly_smiling_face:


Have a great trip! Wow! Traveling Thanksgiving weekend and an empty row?! What a great start!


Not having a full flight was wonderful.
I think it was @ppehap who shared the link to this beauty from The Orlando Sentinel.

A collection of their articles from the time Walt Disney World was a mere rumor to its 50th anniversary. This book made for great in-flight entertainment.

We landed 45 minutes early!!! :sunglasses:


Glad you made it! Have the best time!

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What is your review of the book? And 45 min early?!? That’s awesome!


Love it!


In 1965 it was so acceptable to refer to a female journalist as a “Girl Reporter” they a actually printed it in the paper. :laughing:

Guess I didn’t know Walt felt so strongly about what he wanted EPCOT to become.
Sounds a bit … militant.? :thinking:


Baggage claim for Southwest is in terminal A, while as you all know DME is in terminal B. That’s a long ass walk with 80 lbs of luggage. :weary:

I am impressed with the 50th displays at MCO. That graphic mural, though. :heart:


No retirees? Where do old ppl go then… :face_with_monocle:

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We invested in a portable luggage scale years ago. Before that we would weigh ourselves with and without the suitcase on the bathroom scale at home. That works okay but doesn’t help when we are packing to come home from WDW!

This isn’t the one we have… but after looking it up I am picking some up for Christmas gifts. Dd is traveling a lot on her own now and sharing one scale for the family is less practical than it used to be!

…I can’t wait to hear all about your solo trip!!!


We have luggage that does this. Absolute rubbish and makes me mad every time.


But what about merch that’s “so cute” for you to bring home…???

Holy cow! I think you might have got a ticket if you’d had an air marshal on board!

Indeed. I once again lament the elimination of bag service

I am so excited to follow this trip! Have the best time!


That scale is similar to the one I have. I was worried it wouldn’t be accurate, but proved me wrong. Those will make great Christmas gifts.


That’s what the small suitcase was supposed to be for, but it’s full of ShopDisney merch. :joy:
I usually only buy a little when I’m here. AND … I still have fourteen lbs to play with between both suitcases. :grimacing:
Kidding. I might have to ship something home. :eyes:


On the drive to the hotel hubby said
“I have a present for you” and pulled out a wad of cash. He said to buy myself something nice. I refused. It was far too generous. Where did he think I was going - Vegas? I reluctantly settled on $200. What a sweetie? He has strongly encouraged my now # four solo trip. Like most of you, he’s an enabler. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The plan for today is leisure. My first time EVER doing a “Resort Day.” I have plans, but nothing absolute until later tonight.

Was able to get on DME in about 15 minutes. Four stops. Had a GREAT driver. Going to check into sending a compliment via the app - if it actually works. Room not ready. Can’t have everything …