A couple questions

Our trip is coming up quickly! (Dec 5-9) I have a few questions now that we are getting closer.

This will be the first time we’ve gone to Universal with AP’s. Just the Seasonal passes.

  1. What freebies do we get/need to pick up? And where?
  2. I’m confused by the AP early entry. How does this differ from the hotel early entry? We’ll be staying at Royal Pacific, so I guess we’ll get both.

We will likely eat at a few table service restaurants while there. How do I know which restaurants need/accept reservations? Do any? I was looking at BigFire in CityWalk for example.

  1. You can get a free pin and magnet each month for you annual pass.
  2. AP early park admission allows those who have an AP but are not staying at a hotel to access the parks early. Since EPA is usually at just one park, both the pass and your room key would grant you early access.
    Can’t help with reservations as I bring all my own food.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Here’s info for dining reservation… not sure how COVID may have altered it. Yes… most places encourage reservations. (However, since most of them are “chains” they are used to fitting in walk-ups)

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Thank you! That’s perfect!

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Question about the link though - when it says “Royal Pacific Resort, Hard Rock Hotel, and Portofino Bay Hotel on-site guests receive priority seating” does that mean, they receive priority seating without a reservation? Do we even need to make reservations at these places?

EDIT: Oh I think I found the answer. Seems that reservations are first before priority seating.

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I have also heard that often the “priority seating” isn’t really honored.


There is one phone# for all the in-park table service restaurants. I am sorry, but it on my other computer. Wait, it is on my phone too. 407-224-3663. Put it on your phone and call when you are on the way if you don’t have a reservation. We ended up eating entirely quick service and snacks this last trip since the park hours are shortened due to the disease. We stayed off-site and just wanted to get to our car when walking through citywalk.
For quick service, they are strongly encouraging mobile ordering. As in, talking to someone to place your order will be difficult and they’ll be confused. You’ll waste a lot of time that way. The good news is that you can, if your pass level gives a discount, apply that through mobile ordering. Get the Universal app and add your credit card to it.
You didn’t ask but Harry Potter robes work really well in Florida’s version of cold. So good, in fact, that I am pondering making a non-themed hooded cloak for wearing in the winter to Six Flags in Texas.

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Thanks for the heads up on the phone number! We usually eat mostly quick service too, but we’ll probably eat at City Walk for dinner most nights after the park is closed, if the parks are still closing early when we go.

At the time the only places accepting reservations are the in park dining locations but most places will allow for walk ups or making reservations in person.

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The AP early park entry is on select days only (pretty much just non-holiday weekdays), but sine you’re staying onsite that won’t matter because you’ll have your room key.

They also only have a few rides open during early park entry. When it’s at IOA it’s Hulk, Hagrid, Forbidden Journey, and Flight of the Hippogriff. At Studios it’s Minions and Diagon Alley.


Cool, thanks! We’ll def be using it for Diagon Alley and Hagrid’s :slight_smile: I’m so excited!

Well, you’ll be able to use it for one or the other, because it’s just at one park at a time. It’s rarely IoA because Hagrids has been so unreliable, though that’s what it is now through Halloween so maybe they’ll start alternating months.

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No worries! We’ll be there for 5 days, so plenty of time to get on Hagrid’s if there’s no early entry for it. It’s gonna be a nice relaxing vacation :slight_smile:

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They’ve been using the virtual queue for Hagrids on the weekend now, too. That’s pretty huge.


Walk up at Bigfire was 60 minutes. Told the hostess we were staying at RPR and she said she would note that. Called after 40. Probably a coincidence who knows.


Hmmmm…maybe things are changing…

One more question! (We arrive on Saturday!)

For the VQ for Hagrid’s… is there a specific drop-time like RotR? Or is there VQ availability released throughout the day?

Also, to answer on my previous questions regarding dinner reservations… both Bigfire and Cowfish allow reservations. Universal’s website has links directly to their online reservation system using Zomato. So check out each restaurants page if you are wondering about reservations!

It’s released, as needed, throughout the day.

For anyone that needs it - Universal Orlando

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Thank you!

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