A Bunch of Miscellaneous Questions- Part III

Guess who? Your friendly question-asker, with more random questions floating around in my ole cranium. Come on…you know you all love it…

  1. How many of your can spell " miscellaneous" without a quick google spell check? Confession- I cannot.

  2. I read on the TP site that one of the AOA pools has sounds/music underwater in the pool. I can’t seem to find that information again. Is this true? If so, which pool?

  3. Soda plan- Is it worth it? This might be a moral grey-area to ask but do people end up sharing it? We’re not the biggest soda people but a nice little jolt of caffeine in the afternoon is always refreshing.

  4. Speaking of caffeine…how early do the coffee shops at the parks (actual stores or carts) open? Are they usually open for EMH?

  5. I’m not going to hand my kids my phone while we wait in-line. It’s just not something that I hand them as a distraction. I also don’t want my battery drained. So I ran to the dollar store and got a few items that I plan on packing in our backpack so they can play with these while we wait: plastic slide puzzles (the ones kids get at birthday parties), brain teaser metal puzzles (the ones where two nails are twisted together and you have to get them apart), word search books, mini (4 inches) magnet writer (like Etch-a-Sketch), magic pencil mini workbook (“magic” marker makes things appear in the book), rubic’s cube. Can anyone else add to the list? What else might I be able to get on-the-cheap? Our dollar store also sells these birthday favors that are surprise boxes (6 in a pack for a buck) and they’re small and probably contain little figures or something. I might grab them too.

Thank you in advance!!

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I think it is the Big Blue Pool

Can’t offer much help with the other questions though.

How old are your kids? For #5

6 and 2. The 6 year old will be fine with these little trinkets and games/puzzles but the 2 year old…YIKES!

#1–Yes. Misc.


For the 6yo maybe one of those books or decks of cards with kids “would you rather” type silly questions? Might be an interesting way to strike up conversations with other families too.

The 2yo… are bubbles allowed in the parks? Or a sticker book? Either the restickable kind with scenes or plain stickers to help hand out to people?

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I spy with my little eye is a free game that 2 year olds and 6 year olds can play and enjoy.

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I’ve heard the underwater music at Big Blue was discontinued for safety reasons. Kids stayed under water for too long.

I got happy when I saw your post. They are always such good questions.
The only answer I have is BUBBLES! Yes we had them everywhere. They even sell wands there. We brought the small containers that come in a big pack of 8 or so. They worked great to distract our DS2. They also worked to refill his wand that he and pappaw bought.
Also I can’t spell miscellaneous, nor am I sure how to spell pappaw…


A lot of the queues have things to look at in line, that’s part of the Disney magic. Things like Splash have a story, Under the Sea ride has all sorts of stuff, the list goes on.

I was going to suggest another game. Disney characters alphabet. Simple enough, take it in turns to name a character beginning with the next letter. When it’s the 2yo’s turn just get her to name any character!

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For question 5, maybe one of those flow spring things? They compress down nicely for putting in your bag and I and my kids find them very soothing and hypnotizing. Thanks for reminding me to pack ours!

Yes BUBBLES…cheap and hours of entertainment. It amazes me that kids enjoy them so much and for so long!

FYI - and not because I care - bubbles can be a hot button. Apparently they can stain clothing or get on camera lenses or irritate skin. Just so you’ve heard. I’ve seen many arguments on DIS about them.


This is great!!!

They sell them in really large packs of little bottles for weddings. Bring extra to share with other kids too.


I can, but I was always a good speller.

It is only good at your resort. If you think you’ll drink more than about one soda per day it is worth it. I think they have juice also but I’m not sure because it’s been 5 years since I did it. They put a time limit between refills to keep you from sharing too much. I think most meals come with a drink, so this would be for extra drinks.

Edit: I think you can use the mug for coffee too, so that might make it worth it for you.

Yes. That’s all I used mine for. And I used DH’s to get my second coffee (I’d fill both up, and take back to room). We’d be there for afternoon breaks, so we’d have more coffee and soda. (DH just drinks water, so I used his). DD17 lives on soda, so it was a no brainer for us. Oh, and the coffee isn’t timed or anything.

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Also we drink a lot of Iced tea and it isn’t timed either so you can share it

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Disney Boardwalk has a place to fill them too.

I can’t recall keeping a 2 yr old occupied. :thinking:

We must’ve done so but that info has apparently been deleted. Either it was too traumatic or really easy.

I do recall one kid that had a habit of bolting. If course this little genius knew how to unbuckle a belt. We were concerned the unbuckling and bolting from the stroller would happen at WDW.

It did not. He was so mesmerized by everything he remained in his stroller. Or maybe he was traumatized.

Unless they were tired or filling a diaper the two yr olds we’ve brought were just about the easiest kids at Disney.

I would note what seems to be the 2yr old’s current interest and bring that if possible. Our current 2yr old was into small cars last month. Couple weeks ago it was swords. Now it’s a hammer and saw. Not so handy for lines.

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