60 days out and no fastpasses for 7 dwarfs mine train

I’m so disappointed. I logged in at 12:01am the other night to do our fastpasses and I couldn’t get 2 for the mine train on any day during the week of Nov. 15 - 22. This will be the first time my daughter and I have been there since the ride opened.
Is this happening to a lot of people? I thought we’d be able to get them for at least one day of our trip if we did it 60 days in advance.

try again. I was able to get them later in the morning. and try again at 55, 50 and 45 days out. Those are when people around your dates can cancel with no penalties. When people cancel, the FPP’s are released back into the system.

Good luck!!


Same happened to me. We are 40 days out and I keep checking but not every day. I figure if we rope drop we will be fine or we may ride during MNSSHP.
Good luck!

I’ve tried every day so far, several times each day. Unfortunately rope drop doesn’t work for us because I walk slowly ( car accident injury). Thank goodness for fastpass+ though because I could never move fast enough to get good fastpass times for the popular attractions. At least now I can get most of them when I want them!

Thanks for responding Glad to know it wasn’t just something I was having trouble with!

I kept checking and at 23 days there were multiple times available. That was just last week… So keep at it and I bet you’ll find yours too. Happy hunting!

Keep trying!! Same thing happened to me, I checked everyday and finally about two weeks later I got one :slight_smile:

Do you think MVMCP and MNSSHP have something to do with this “shortage?” That is several evenings ever week where FPP are removed from the general system right?

Keep checking. Nov 13 just had availability earlier today where none had been since my 60night

Hmmmm getting worried bout our thanksgiving week trip.

Same thing for us. No 7dmt, no A&E, have been trying for 4 days (since 60+7). :frowning: Best of luck! I have hope! :smile:

That week has caused many of us problems… I was trying for the 20th, and at 60 plus 5 it was a no-go for 7DMT, A&E, or FoF.

anyone tried for nov 26 yet at MK?

I just got 7DMT for two weeks out. keep checking.

I had no problem getting mine train for 2 on 11/22 last night, then no problem adding 4 more family members tonight, though I cancelled later since we got it 2 other days. I just tried again and was able to get 7dmt for 1 then copied to another person, so I have 2 now on 11/22, 1 at 5:55 the other at 6. If you can’t get for 1 then copy to the other person let me know and I can coordinate canceling these so you can try to pick them up.

I’m looking for mine train on November 14. I have 3 other ffp since mine train wasn’t available. How do you look for mine train after you have all your ffp? Do you try changing experiences?

Yes, you can go through as though you are going to change and just cancel before picking anything if it’s not available. It doesn’t replace your existing fpp for that day until you choose one of the options for times.

We’re you able to get 7dmt? I still have 2 held for 11/22 but need to let them go soon so I can ensure we have ideal times that day at AK for our plan but don’t want to drop 7dmt until I know you got it.

I have been checking MDE today and just got 4 FFP for the mine train for 11/14! I’m glad I kept trying! Thanks!

I have 4 for Nov 15th. Trying to change just 1 for a little earlier so we are all in the same window. I keep checking and I have seen many come and go, just not for the time I am looking for. I will keep checking, you should do the same

Had some life issues to take care of so I’ve been off the computer for a week or so. Just tried for FPs to 7dmt for Nov. 19 , 20,and 21 with no luck. We leave on the 22nd and won’t have time to hit the parks. I sure do appreciate the encouraging replies though!