5 kids, 2 adults

What about finding a nice mom or dad or gma in line and asking if kid #3 could buddy up with them?


The most likely way to get caught is if one of your kid’s when asked forgets, the answer to “how old are you?” is so automatic to a child that it’s pretty likely that they will forget. I would def be more inclined to assume that the 3 youngest are going with you and your husband, and then alter that as needed, I have found that the cast members even while following the rules are pretty good about working a fix.

I think for the few rides (such as Space Mountain) where it will be an issue, you will probably have to work with a CM about doing a kind of double RS situation. First time through, you go through with your two older kids, and then one of the triplets while DH says back with the other triplets. Use Rider Swap when you get off to ride SM again with the two older kids plus the next triplet. Then, use RS a third time to do it with the third.

I agree that it is tedious and adds time, but look at the bright side…your two older kids will get multiple rides!


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Yes. A triple rider swap. :flushed: However I can see some jealousy arising if the older two get to ride two or three times.

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They will have to get over it! :slight_smile:

There is another alternative: Change your dates until AFTER the triplets turn 7. :slight_smile:

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Well, technically a DOUBLE rider swap. First time through isn’t a swap. Second time is first swap, and third time is the second swap. But, who likes to be technical about things?

(Except me.)

Bribe them with Mickey bars for every day they don’t complain?

Do they know about the trip? My kiddo is generally very good about situations when I express upfront what is going to happen and eliminate the element of surprise.

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The other way you could do this is to say the 12 year old is 14, if they look closer to 14 than the triplets look to 7. And if the children look old enough, the CMs may not ask anyway.

I’m not recommending you do that, because you definitely want the triplets to be/feel safe on the ride, and riding with another “young” child may not be the wisest move. But it is an option.

I would suggest doing the double rider swap for the 3-4 rides that you need it for. As mentioned above, it’s really just EE, SDD, SM, and 7DMT. Or doing a single rider swap and leaving a triplet with the 12-year-old. Babysitting at 12 is fine, IMO.

This whole problem feels like one of those puzzles where you have to get a fox, chicken, and corn across a river!


I solved the problem…but has anyone ever wondered why we have to get the fox across the river to begin with? Who has a pet fox?

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Im planning on doing this in a couple of weeks. I’m going to be the lone adult with DD8, DS7 (turns 7 three days before our trip!!! All the praise hands!!!), DD5 and DNiece13. I’m planning on either sending big kids in line with my niece while I hang back with DD5 OR leaving DD5 with my niece while I ride with my bigs. If your 12 y/o is responsible enough (which I’d imagine he/she is given they are the oldest of 5!) this may be a good strategy.

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I completely agree with you.

I think my DD12 would not get asked if she was 14. She also could easily remember to “pretend” (lie).
I however agree I would not let her take her younger brother without me being right behind them. I wouldn’t want her to not enjoy the ride because she was worried about him. But if I was right there or her brother was pretty well behaved maybe.
I would however let her watch a 6 year old, especially if it was someplace the 6yr old was focused on something and not distracted, like a play area or a fountain or something.

I guess it all depends on the kids though hu?


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They will be just over two months shy of seven. So at that point the age seems a bit arbitrary. But seriously. The weather would be cooler. But my husband would be not pleased to move our trip from August to November- two more moths of me planning would maybe be rough. :joy:

I lament often, and sometimes loudly, that the world makes having a larger family very inconvenient. And expensive. But the payoff is more love and more fun. Or at least I keep telling myself


Hear hear! (5 kids for me as well)


Amen. Another large family here. The only place I feel the crunch is when traveling, and yet we are still blessed to make it work often enough.

I’m not one for lying. The risks, both in the moment and with the legacy set with the kids are too big for me. If I could i’d honestly try to postpone to a time where the struggle is gone. I cannot remember all the details but I do remember when I had five kids under 11 years old and we visited sesame place and there were not enough adults to go around. It wasn’t as much fun as it should’ve been.

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I loved in Holland for a few years when I was young and you could buy baby foxes at the pet store.

Yay big families! Traveling is definitely the hardest, but I just opened my first new credit card in 20 years to build mileage points so we can try to travel more (mainly a big overseas trip to visit my husband’s family).

We are 37 days out and I just now realized this could be a real issue. I think I even read age restrictions a long time ago, but didn’t log it since I originally thought we’d travel later. Unfortunately, rescheduling would be a tough sell (really, I can’t see my husband being in agreement, unless he changes his stance on wanting to se SWGE, but he’s in the Disney ruined SW camp), and I’d lose free dining. And the let down. But I’ll toss it around with DH and see what he says.

I’m not one to encourage lying either. So we will have to see what can be worked out. I will probably start by just seeing if it slides - making sure my oldest DD and my tallest triplet ride together and load first. And if that fails, I’ll rework a rider swap, or even a double rider swap. Or maybe befriend someone in line. Possibly strategically get in line after the right kind of people. :joy:

And I think pet foxes are things. Not things I want, because my house is already a zoo.


Great plan!!! Don’t reschedule! I think you guys will have a blast!!


I’m not a rider switch expert but could you just get one set up and then just switch bands to avoid the second swap set up? You have enough people.

Dad rides with 11, 9, and 6A.
-Rider switch put on Mom, 11, 9, and 6A-
Mom (using Mom band) rides with 6B (using 11 band)
Mom or Dad (using 9 band) rides with 6C (using 6A band)

Sounds like an option if A CM can’t engineer a double rider swap. Because I’m sure my 9 year old would love to ride 3 times. :joy: