5 kids, 2 adults

I’m trying to figure out problem areas we might encounter in the parks with only two adults and kids ages 11, 9, triplets age 6.

My earliest vivid Disney World memory is not getting to ride Space Mountain. I was 6 years old. I was tall enough. My brother, 5, was also tall enough. The train pulled up, but we were not allowed on because my Dad had taken the previous train with my sister (ironically, not tall enough), and my mom could not get on with both of us at the same time, and neither of us was allowed to ride alone. We were escorted, crying, into an empty room to wait for my Dad and sister to finish riding and meet us. Younger sister (not yet 3) of course hated the ride and was also crying. As far as I know, no solution was offered and we all left the ride in tears (okay, maybe not my parents, but I’m sure they weren’t happy).

So. My question is, what problems might we run into with a bunch of small kids?

We have occasionally skirted 1:1 adult to small child ratios in the past by sticking a triplet with my oldest or just flat ignoring the rules (choosing to ask forgiveness over permission). I am hoping that at 6 years and 44+" we will not have any problems, but reassurance would be great! Not all Disney memories need to be relived.

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That’s hard! You could maybe beg for mercy with one of your triplets riding with your oldest. On our first trip they let my then 3 y/o ride next to my then 7 y/o on 7D with me alone in the seat directly behind them (same car) but I have learned this isn’t always the norm. I know that several rides can accommodate 3 riders (BTMRR is one that popped into my head).

I really hate to say it, but there might be problems if the Disney rules are enforced. My DS still has vivid memories of being 5 and trying to ride Dumbo with his 12 year old sister. They were let in and seated and then a CM asked my DD how old she was and because she wasn’t 14 they were escorted off the ride.

Disney says you must be 7 to ride alone and if you are under 7 then you must ride with a guest that is at least 14.


I would look at wdw prep school for their ride vehicle info. Disney doesn’t allow kids to ride alone on any ride unless they’re 7yo, so your problems will be with ride vehicles that don’t fit 3 or more. On Space you’ll be ok as there’s 3 per vehicle, although one of your kids will be in a vehicle with strangers which might be a problem. Some rides you can squeeze together on, such as AS2 or Buzz, but others like SDD and 7DMT you would need to use RS, I guess, to get all the triplets a turn?

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Ugh. Yes. I saw that 7 rule. They aren’t 7 until November. DD 11 actually turns 12 two days after we get home, and I think MIGHT look old enough that no one would ask her. She’s trustworthy.

Are both adults riding? 11 and 9 are old enough to ride without adults, and could ride together without an adult…

Edited because I read twins and not triplets.

Some rides may allow 2 of the 6 year olds in front of an adult, same car but not same seat (like Slinky Dog). But it may vary and/or be CM dependent.

I would assume they will ask. They are very good about kindly asking. My DS-then 7 got asked how old he was when loading Dumbo with my DD-then 9. They don’t mess around at Disney!


There are three 6 year olds-triplets!

As others have said, there are rides that can fit 3 people so it’s really just the ones that can only fit two. I’m wondering if you could do RS for those?

But how would that rider swap work? Would need to allow time to ride three times? One adult twice and the other once? Leave the 12 year old with a triplet while the rest ride and then a parent rides again with the 12 and 6 year old?

I’m maybe about to panic and reschedule our whole trip from August to next year.

Don’t panic. There are many rides where this won’t be an issue–actually most rides won’t be an issue the more I think about it. I honestly haven’t used RS in years–I think leaving a triplet with the 12 year old should work.

Ok. Won’t panic. :joy: just that we were originally looking at a fall/winter trip and then I wouldn’t have had any issues. And I was so proud of myself - thinking my kids are all the perfect ages for Disney!


I think they are at rather perfect ages.

I was thinking about rides that might be an issue and it’s not a lot. There aren’t any at Epcot that should be a problem. EE at AK can only seat two together but that’s it at AK (your triplets aren’t tall enough for PW). At HS SDD could be an issue. You can fit 3 in a TSMM seat (but there are only 2 shooters). At MK SDD has rows for just two. I’ve seen 3 people sit in a row on Splash and BTMRR. So no need to panic–there are so many rides to enjoy!


They are!!! I really think you’ll be ok. Most CMs will see and respond to your family’s situation with kindness and a desire to make your vacation magical!!! I’m sure they will work with y’all to ensure that all of your kids can ride what you want them to ride and they can help you figure out RS while there in the parks if it’s ever necessary.


How opposed would you be to telling them to say they’re 7 if asked, and then sending one with the oldest kid?

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I agree with @DeepInTheHeartofTexas

They are GREAT ages for Disney! And unless the triplets are speed demons, most of the rides that would be a problem they probably won’t want to ride anyway. Maybe? I have seen a mom with 3 littles get turned away from TSMM because the oldest wasn’t old enough to ride with the younger ones, but like someone above said, you can definitely squeeze 3 into those seats.


Does the age show up when you scan your bands for FPP?

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It has crossed my mind. Reservations about this approach aside :grimacing:, what are the chances of getting caught in this untruth?

I don’t know yet if the troublets will enjoy the coasters or not. They like to think they are big kids, so I expect them to generally follow the lead of the older two.

Also. Was planning to get MNSSHP tickets for just me and the trips. That could be problematic if they want to do rides (but mainly they just want to meet Moana).

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I think it is sad that this is so difficult for those of us with large families.
I know Disney is just trying to keep everyone safe, but I hope they are understanding and make this as easy as they can on your family. They are famous for their Customer Service Magic, I sure hope it would show up now.

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