4th and Beyond Fastpasses

Hi there! First-time TouringPlans user here. In my day planned for the Magic Kingdom, I plan on booking my initial 3 FP+ reservations for early in the day and booking multiple extra fastpasses one at a time for the rest of the day. How do I make this work with the touring plan that I have planned once I’m in the park? Thank you!

Check this out! And please let us know if this doesn’t solve all your questions!


If you mean how do you plan in your TP for getting those FPs…I did not do that with mine. Figured it would put too much stress on getting the right one at a certain time. Instead the plan had some flex in its time through a combo of setting walking speed to slowest to account for whatever came up and sometimes blocking a half hour or so of “unscheduled” time that we could use for extra FPs. In practice I really just searched for extras of the ride we were about to board or immediately following if we had some flex time after it so we could just do it twice instead of back tracking

I’ve been wondering about how to manage those 4th and beyond fastpasses into a touring plan as well. Wondering if you have had your trip already and how you managed it. Thanks!

I find in real time, there is no practical way to strictly work additional (as in 4th and beyond) FP into a touring plan. What I do is accept a flexible attitude. If I see a fourth FP that corresponds with something that is a) near me; and b) somewhere (anywhere) on my touring plan, I grab it and do it… and strike that off the plan.

So if it’s 12pm, and I’m in Fantasyland and my next ride is (let’s say) Teacups, but I see a FP for IASM which my plan has listed for 1:30pm, I grab that puppy. I was going to do it anyway, and it’s close enough both in space and time. I then backtrack to Teacups to pick up where I left off… unless of course I get a 5th FP that also is close and strikes something else off my list. Rinse and repeat.


My M.O.

We are early risers, and almost always use the AM EMH + break for lunch/pool then hop strategy.

For afternoons, I try to go with less popular attractions and shows. This way, I can hunt for fastpasses for more popular things, and when I score, I won’t feel too “bummed” about not hitting what I have planned next. It’s also easy to concentrate on refreshing while you’re waiting in line at Monsters Inc, or waiting for the show to start at Frozen Sing-A-Long, or Muppets, or Tom Sawyer.

Ina nutshell - hardcore in the am, then chill and go with the FP flow when the parks are more crowded. It works very well for us. We do not like lines, and we like to chillax when it’s hot and crowded.