4-16 minute wait times on Christmas day/boxing day?!?

I’ve been playing with making some touring plans based on what our family needs- mainly a four hour break in the afternoon, and heading to a different park for the evening. Somehow, my plans are coming up with ridiculous 4-16 minute wait times for pretty much all attractions on Christmas and boxing day. Surely that can’t be right?

They have clearly not been updated yet.

I’m finding similar wait times for December 16 - 20th as well. Hopefully, they will be updated before I have to make FP selections. Although, it would be great if they stayed short!

I’ve tried evaluating again now and no change to the times. Many attractions listed as 5 minute wait… any ideas when these plans will start becoming accurate?

Touring Plans are created using statistics. So, if you Optimize your plan and it tells you wait times are 5 minutes (or any number) then you should believe it. That’s kinda the whole point. That being said, if it says 5 minutes and you wind up waiting 10 on Christmas Day, don’t be upset. That’s still pretty amazing.

Use the Lines App to continually update/optimize your plan throughout the day, instead of just following a print out of your plan.

Stick to the plans and you’ll have the shortest waits possible. No matter how long they are, you’ll likely do a LOT less waiting than people that are not using Touting Plans.

Have fun!

If it seems to be to good to be true then…

I’ll temper this with saying I’ve never been on Christmas, with it’s “10-plus” crowds (8 is about the biggest I’ve ever seen). My waits on that day were certainly longer than what TP is saying, but I still got everything done I wanted to do. The biggest challenge might be getting through the shoulder to shoulder crowds to get to your next attraction…

I just did a “notional” TP for Christmas Day (I used the standard 1-day adult plan) just to see what it was showing (not taking into account any FPPs or EMH). Based on the order of the attractions, it might actually be close. The attractions scheduled for the busiest parts of the day are the ones that typically have the shortest wait times, and many of the “headliners” are for after 9:30 PM, when many families with small children may have left the park. (My 8 day was a party day when I had to be out of the park by 7:00, and after 4:00, EVERYTHING was jammed). I’d be a bit suspicious of BTMRR and Splash (and maybe Pirates), but the others might actually be that low.

One caution about wait times for “shows” it may be listed as “0”, but if just miss the start of one, it could be 10-15 before the next one lets in. Same for the Riverboat; if you just miss it, it will 15-20 before the next one.

@len. There have been a number of threads talking about what seem to be very low CLs and wait times on Christmas. Less than 10 min for many of the headliners? I’ve had longer than that at RD on a 2 or 3 day. Is there something “wonky” going on? Christmas is almost always a 10-plus day, often with phase closures…

@Ladythomas - post a link to your plan, please, and I’ll be happy to take a look.

Me too!

This will be our first trip to WDW and first time using TP, I would really like to believe this could really be what we can get done each day but it just seems unbelievable!! Especially since it is Christmas week.Is this really possible?


These are just a few of my days plans, we have more park days, just wondering if you all think it really will be possible?

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@len. This one is one of the more optimistic


@Ladythomas, that plan looks great! You have your attractions that you would wait for very early and you are using your fast passes wisely.