Can these TP's be true?

This will be our first trip to WDW and first time using TP, I would really like to believe this could really be what we can get done each day but it just seems unbelievable!! Especially since it is Christmas week.Is this really possible?

These are just a few of my days plans, we have more park days, just wondering if you all think it really will be possible?

You may want to add your post to this thread that just came up today, instead of starting a new thread:

Thanks, I can’t find how to delete this one though lol

Here is the plan that me and my gf (will be my fiance the night of the 17th) have for on Christmas in MK.
My wait times do vary and it seems like its good but I have never been there on Christmas and we do have some free time that we haven’t planned what all to do but to take it easy.

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There is no need to delete your thread. If you will search you will find lots of threads where people post their touring plans looking for feedback or because they look “off”. These have always been a new thread (lol- so are the threads about the crowd levels being off and of course the world famous daily thread!)

You have great plans here. Your use of FP is brilliant. The only time that looks off to me is star tours- maybe

Thank you @PrincipalTinker I’ll keep planning!! We do have more park days and even some open evenings so if we don’t get some of these in we can try again another day. I managed to score FPP for all of our must do items :slight_smile:

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I just figured since the same exact topic just came up the same day that she could just join in on that one.

I am very impressed! The attractions in between, like the shows, on a set schedule and usually you can depend on getting in.

Getting engaged at WDW? Congratulations!!

Yes, on the 17th at Jiko. She has no idea its coming. Her mom knows all about it and won’t be there but has told Andrea that I’m not allowed to ever propose unless she is there.

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Sounds like a great plan!! And so sneaky in a good way!! I hope the weather cooperates…I saw your other post! Drive safely!!

Its not being sneaky, I just asked her a bunch of questions that included lists of her favorite Disney movies, songs, characters, and then other things about down at WDW, even though she has never been there. Favorite movie is The Lion King and I will be her Simba if she will be my Nala, so if you do see us, there is a good chance on our Mickey Ears on it you will see something about that.

We are watching the weather closely and will have to decide on Friday very early afternoon, at the latest on what we are going to do concerning flying out of Chicago Saturday morning or drive straight thru.


Very sweet! And her first time at WDW! Very special!!

Congratulations! Jiko is an amazing restaurant! What a lovely setting for a proposal!