30 minute early entry for resort guests

Thank you!

It’s a little tough right now because park hours are not, I’m thinking, showing what they will really be for my dates and havn’t been released by WDW yet. So right now I’m expecting, say, and 11am open, but the software is offering a 9am opening. I’ll have to keep tweaking as we go along, but this is helpful to know.

Yeah that’s still truth but for May it’s probably close to accurate…but for my Jun 1 ones and on it’s not.:

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Just tested it out. Example: AK

On the “Fast” walking speed, arrival to FOP is 7:38. This is pretty accurate if arrival to AK is 7:15

Arriving at AK earlier at 7:00 (parking gates open then) has you at FOP at 7:25.

(These times based on very recent reports)

I still find it odd that WDW has been increasing hours with only 2 weeks notice.

People have been entering temporary earlier dates into their touring plans to get a more accurate day.

Yeah, and for dining it’s awful. What I did in Oct was book the latest dining I could (like 5 or 6pm) and check every day for when they’d update the hours and increase the dining hours and rebook a more appropriate dinner time. Pain in the butt.

Edit: This time we’re gonna try out Cali Grill on one of our MK days and Sanaa on one of our AK days so I don’t have to deal with that.

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Yeah. I wasn’t really paying attention, but luckily there were 7:00 spots left for A & C breakfast so I can still RD HS with a 9:00 official opening.

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We’re staying at Boardwalk (and did last time too then moved to BLT for MK day). Then I don’t have to worry about getting up that early. :wink:

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OP here-OK I’ve reworked my June plans using the 30 minute earlier option on TP, and I love it- Thanks Len! I had been just putting in a “break” and estimating how long it would take to try to get two popular rides in before official opening. We go in June, and even if it’s not in effect then, they probably will still be “opening” the parks before official time as they are now doing, so I still get a better time estimate.

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this is fantastic!! I love it! Does it only work on the website @len? When I tried it on the app it wouldn’t accept the 30 minutes early start time.

Hmmm. I’ll check. It should be on both. Thanks for the heads-up.

So, I’m trying this out and seeing some weird results.
I’ve been moving a plan between 2/28 and 3/5 with SDD, twice, as our first stop. (at 8:42 am)
On 2/28, the wait is a minute or two, each time. On 3/5, it’s 20+ minutes for each ride.
Both days are a 2 on the crowd calendar, with a current operating times of 9-7.

Does anyone have an idea why there would be such a discrepency?

Hey @Dreamer and fab 4 helped me out last week with the discrepancy of TP app and my instincts. We RD’d did MMRR as walk on then did SDD next with 25 min wait. Right now the trip planning is off


Here’s what I think the TP software is looking at. Looking closely, it seems the first green square for HS on 2/28 is darker green (lower crowds) than the corresponding square on 3/5. So while both days average out to CL2 for the whole day, they have slightly different distributions, where 2/28 is expected to have lower crowds at RD vs 3/5 but then be busier during midday.


I have to agree. We did MMRR successfully first thing in the morning followed by a short wait for SDD and MFSR. Had all 3 done a few minutes after official park opening.


Thank you, @len!

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Right, it’s hard to tell with the shades of green but the TP forecasted crowd level at Rope Drop looks to be a 1 on Sunday and a 3 on Friday.

But looking at the historic wait times, SDD usually hits a 20 minute wait after 9:00. So those predictions look a little off for some reason on Friday. I would figure not more than 5 minutes for that first RD ride any day of the week, if of course you are in the earliest rope drop crowd.


So, after I asked about this last night, I tried another date - 2/26. It’s a Friday, so hopefully closest to what I’d see on a future Friday. That one had waits of 5 and 10 minutes, respectively. It seems like that is a pretty decent estimate.

I wonder if the 3/5 date hasn’t been re-calculated recently because it’s March?

Anyway, thanks for the help looking at this @Tall_Paul1 and @bebe80.
I’ll make the assumption that we can get 2 rides in before opening (or near enough).

Getting excited!


Me too! 8 more days!


I have clients arriving in 9 days! I am so excited for them (and for you and @emcglone too!). I can’t wait to hear all about all of the trips!


That’s our plan come April! Glad to know it’s looking pretty good. What time were you in line at taps, and what time did you pass through them?

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