3 months free on any Universal Annual Pass!

I knew this would happen! Discounts are out on AP’s! Go get 'em!
Must purchase by September 30.



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Thanks…I knew I forgot something in my post! :stuck_out_tongue:

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:rofl: you were just TOO excited about the find @lindsayvrsmith

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Yes, exactly!!

I was already considering my first USF AP, if I do go in the fall. This does sweeten the deal!

To anyone interested - This “Power Pass” does have a good number of blackout dates.

(IMHO - those dates are the “busiest” times, like hoildays & mid-summer when I wouldn’t want to go anyway! :sweat_smile:)


Yeah, none of their blackout dates are during times we typically visit FL. And their concert dates seem to be on weekends. For UOR, we like to do M-F.

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FYI - I looked deeper into this. The offer is valid on ALL of the AP - not just the “Power Pass”

If you want the really “basic” AP… It’s only $10 more than a 4 day ticket!

If wondering what the difference between them all:

Seasonal Pass allows you access to the resort only during certain times, or seasons, of the year – basically, you won’t be eligible to go during spring, some of summer, or Christmas break

Power Pass cuts those blackout dates in half.

Preferred Pass has no blackouts for the theme parks, though it still does for the water park

Premier Pass has absolutely none at all across the board.

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…and there’s a small savings if you pay in full verses FL resident payment plan w/ down payment. The preferred Pass has express pass after four included. I think Volcano Bay is included after four as well with the PP. This is going to be my son’s birthday present… shhhhhhhhh!!!

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That’s a great present!!

Pretty certain I’ll be getting an AP if I go in the Fall. I was planning on being in the parks for 4 full days + an arrival & depart days. Now, I can slip into the parks on arrival and before I go.

Plus, for about $500 - $600 - if I don’t buy a bunch of souvenirs & etc… I could fly down there for a weekend! Finally get to see HHN in 2021

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Interesting. They raised the prices on the passes apparently. I looked a week or so ago, and the Seasonal pass cost was $305.

The price they are showing includes taxes.


Do these have a “must be activated by” date? At the promo they had in 2018-2019, the passes had to be activated by April. I am not seeing a must be activated by date for these.

Great question! I didn’t see anything, but I hope there is no requirement! It’s possible we would reschedule our trip, so I’d like some flexibility.

I called Universal.You have to activate them by the end of 2020.

The end day of your AP is 15 months from the first use.

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What happens if you don’t activate them on time? Is it just money out the window? Or are they automatically activated the first day of 2021 if you don’t activate in the parks?

I didn’t ask that…hmmm… They said you have until 12/31/20 to activate them. I going to guess that implies they expire if you don’t.

I’m kinda winding down atm… I’ll send a DM on twitter and if they don’t respond by the morning, I’ll call again. (Got nothing else to do these days!)


Hah, thanks!

I love how @darkmite2 has become our information guru!