25 years - A relaxing anniversary at Disney (11/30 - 12/9)

Tomorrow is finally the day! In an attempt to recreate (anew) our honeymoon 25 years ago, just the wife and I are headed to Disney. Last time we stayed in Dixie Landings (now known as Port Orleans Riverside) in the Alligator Bayou rooms.

Of course part of what made that trip special was that it was all new to us, staying on property and such, so to “recreate” our honeymoon experience, it meant making sure it was all new as well. Staying at Bay Lake one night and then 8 nights at Boardwalk will certainly accomplish that. As will going during the Christmas season. (Our actual anniversary was in August, but wanted to celebrate when we could see all the Christmas decorations.)

Anyhow, since we were just there in August with the family, we are just focused on having a relaxing anniversary. Ride rides if we want, but skip 'em if we don’t. Doesn’t matter! We are just there to be together in our happy place.

I do not plan to have a live trip report. I will post updates here occasionally though.

As of now, our final plan for the trip looks like this…


Have a great trip!!

This thread will be challenging!! The whole heart thing and al! :joy:


LOL! You know I am still debating whether or not to heart the OP. :wink:


I do it anyway because I’m me…


I love the idea of having the relaxing anniversary! Have a great, relaxing time.

I love your plans!

Looks great! Have fun!

Safe travels! We all hope you have a super magical time for yalls 25th! (Wear the buttons :smiley:)

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Have a great time! Happy Anniversary!

25 years is no joke! Lots of commitment, love, and determination. Congratulations! Have a magical, relaxing trip. May we see a 50th anniversary!:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hearted because I send platonic love to everyone that uses a chart for vacations.


I will curb my hearting :joy::grin:


Have an amazing time!

I didn’t heart the OP and will try hard not to do so. However I make no promises!


I already told @ryan1 that a heart means I agree.

He probably remembers. Already on this thread I’ve hearted others cuz, agree.

I would welcome any info relating to WDW operations that might be different, @ryan1. Tho I’m quite sure Disney can and will make changes before I get there. :thinking:


Have a lovely, lovely time! Hope you can share a bit of your trip with us.

I’m up, ready to go. Been up since 5:50 am. Got my Scribble Mickey shirt on, Disney sweatshirt, and my Disney castle Magicband. But we aren’t even leaving for the airport until about 8:10, and our flight doesn’t depart until 10:55.

I have confirmed the scientific theory regarding the space-time continuum…time apparently really does slow down when you are waiting to have fun.


Safe travels today!


I love this perspective that in recreating, you’re making it new. Love!
Safe travels today and have a fantastic trip!

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I missed this when @ryan1 posted it. Recreating is tricky. Our first on property stay was the Poly in 1988. In 2008 we figured to stay there again. We were glad we only had a 3 day reservation. :smirk:

Glad you’ve got your sweatshirt cuz the cold front in FL is blowing in late this afternoon… well it’s a FL cold front…so there’s that :wink: 60’s