25 K of chats, and awards!

This is my 25,000 post. 25K! Now taking suggestions as to what I
should do with the next phase of my life. What have you been neglecting
while you chat??


Congrats of the chats! You should give yourself a present. gift I neglect my kids when I'm chatting, but I read somewhere that benign neglect builds character, so I'm really doing them a favor.


I wish we didnt have to lose our chat counts in this transition frowning BUT CONGRATS!!!!!

Congrats again, @luvmuppets!!! Let's see, I've been neglecting: family, getting enough sleep, cleaning, purging junk, exercising, reading, scrapbooking, and crafting. Oops! :/

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@SallyEpp_cot you just made me feel so much better!! Lol. We are working on building a next generation of Liners with character. wink

Currently neglecting housework and errands myself. It's not going anywhere, though. :/

Oh, and I am currently neglecting my dissertation which is due in TWO WEEKS OMG AAAAAAAAAAH!

Congrats @LuvMuppets! I've been ignoring just about everything the last couple of days including (gasp) packing for my trip in 12 days.

Happy to help, @MissiMouse! I might even tell my kids to make lunch today. "Mama's lining..bring me a sammich!"


Congrats @Luv! I suggest that you create a new company of Muppet based pool toys! I hear they are very popular! wink As for me, I guess the dust bunnies haven't revolted yet but it's touch and go! stuck_out_tongue I shouldn't push my luck!

You've got plenty of time @999HappyHaunts!

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Well, I obviously don't have this figured out yet - Lol! - my next sentence (which went I don't know where!!) was suppose to say "No, seriously, you don't - get working on that dissertation!!". Um. Lol - sorry @999!

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ha!!! Your kids will thank you one day wink thumbsup

HAHAHAHAHA! I know @LoveBug53 , seriously. This big chat upset could not have come at a less convenient time for me professionally LOL!

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Congrats again! smile

I saw this! I'm practicing replying to one poster in particular! How did I do?

@Luv, the replies are a little wonky. When you reply to a particular post, it seems to appear both at the bottom of the thread and nested under the comment you're replying to. On my screen, yours looks like you just replied to the thread rather than to a particular post (which you can do by clicking the "reply" button in the lower right of the post). Another way to clarify replies is to highlight the text you're replying to, and then an option pops up to reply/quote - this will replicate the selected text within your new post. Makes it a little easier for readers to see what you're replying to.

I see your reply! And just wrote a long reply to it, but now my reply has disappeared. Hmm. Will this one work?

I see both of yours!

Thanks, @999HappyHaunts! They both disappeared, but now I see them both. Still figuring this out?!

Congrats luv! You never do fail to brighten my day with a good giggle. =)