25 K of chats, and awards!

so, I hit REPLY on the bottom of your last post, and the new window says that I am replying to post 17 by @WeHave. did it work?

Now when I reloaded the window, these appear as nested replies. So that seems about right...

Congrats, @luv!! I tried posting that twice on chat right when the thread disappeared... Sending hugs and a big pink drink your way! Clink!

Wait! The thread disappeared on chat?

Maybe you will find it -- go check -- but I tried to reply twice, both failed, then I couldn't find it at all on first two pages... If it got deleted, that is pretty crummy... :/ but maybe i am wrong. Would love to hear if you find it.

I found it and bumped it - seems to still work. Things just seem to be flying today on LINES. Which might explain why I have gotten NO REAL WORK done!!

Oh good! So glad!! smile

How do you add an emoticon? I can't do it!!

That is funny! I typed a normal smiley, colon plus parentheses, and it automatically suggested emoticons. But I actually hate them so I intentionally tried to keep my old fashioned version -- but looks like new fangled tech wins again ha ha!

Oh! I learned about emoticons this morning! There's a thread, but here's the basics. Type a colon and a little list of smiley faces will show up for you to choose from. smile Type a colon plus a letter and you'll get other things. blue_book It's easy on PC. It will look like text that says "colon smile colon" (only imagine the actual punctuation for colon) in some phones/browsers. I can't get the choices on my phone to work if I click them but I can type it out and it works. Sorry if this is confusing. Let me know if I'm not making sense.

Here's the thread with more info. emoticon thread

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Thanks blush but there's only 5 emoticons! Wait, gotta try a letter too frog Hey - there's a good one!


The Kermit one is perfect for you! We can pretend this one is Miss Piggy. pig

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πŸ˜ƒ I just used the emoticon keyboard on my iphone. Did it work?? πŸ’—


yup! frog

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sparkling_heart congrats

Congrats! I'm just checking out this emoticon tutorial wink I think I'm going to like it. dizzy_face

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Oh gosh! There are tons of emoticons, if you go on the thread that @SallyEpp_cot gave you there's a link that will show you what is available to use! TonsπŸ˜†

Hi "grumpy"

that didn't go the way i planned

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