24 hours alone in the world - a live trip report

I was in the parks from 2 pm Friday to a little after 2 pm on Saturday and -

  • I rode all my favorite rides!
  • I went to all four parks
  • I took the monorail, a car, a boat, a bus, and the skyliner

I LOVED my first solo trip! I love my family, but it was fun to do what I wanted and not have to worry about anyone else for a little while. I’ll definitely be doing this again!!


Wicked cool :wink:



What did you think? It’s been awhile for me, but I remember my first time seeing it as an adult and feeling quite moved/emotional.

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Wow. Note to self: Scratch BOG off my list since I’m almost always solo.

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I found it very inspiring!! My bachelors is in political science and it reminded me why I loved that study. (I work in software). I was ready to run for office!!!

I will make it a priority for my kids next trip.


Yeah it was really frustrating. I heard the same waiter explaining about a bunch of special drinks to another table that he didn’t explain to me. His mistake, I would have loved a fancy cocktail at 11 am


My solo experience at Spice Road was fantastic. The waiter was lovely and there was no pressure to rush or anything. As people left for the fireworks, another couple moved closer to the reserved fireworks seating and he moved their items from their table to a closer one so they could be comfortable. I’ll definitely return.

My solo experience at Oga’s was okay. I was excited to stand at the bar and be all cool. I asked the bartender for a drink recommendation and he pulled out all the souvenir cups. I repeatedly said I was not interested and he kept pushing them. I was hoping to see the bartender do more role playing and less aggressive sales tactics.


As a nearly always solo traveler it is interesting the varying experiences you receive while dining. I feel you either get exceptional service bc they pity you being alone or you get crap service bc you’re deemed not worth it.


Agreed. I have found Skipper Canteen to be the most consistent in being awesome as a solo. Garden Grill breakfast was also amazing. And Boathouse.

La Hacienda and Le Cellier were also pretty good.

Topolino’s at breakfast was 50/50. One time was awesome, one was ok but not as good.


I had an excellent experience at Skippers Canteen last weekend as an unexpected solo diner (dd had to go in search of her wallet).

It is definitely on my list for my solo trip in January!


Yeah, Skippers is a must-do for me! I realized that when I skipped it in July.

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Agree with Skipper’s being a great solo dining spot. I enjoyed it. Also, Sebastian’s was wonderful when I dined there solo…though I know they’ve changed to family style since then. So, :woman_shrugging:


That makes a lot of sense. They are rewarding loyal Marriott customers & then to people who are booking vacations through WDW.

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Really enjoyed your report. Thanks for sharing.

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