24 hours alone in the world - a live trip report

So, I’ve always wanted to do a quick, solo Disney trip, and thanks to a last minute trip to Tampa, I’m making that happen - TODAY! I booked my airline tickets last Friday, so I have not done a ton of planning. This trip had been on and off for weeks, and when I saw that hotel rooms were disappearing, I went ahead and booked a room directly with the Swan. I kept putting off cancelling it and thank goodness I did, since I’m not sure if this trip would have happened otherwise! This will be my first time at the Swan.

My goals are to do all of my favorite rides:

  • FOP
  • ROTR
  • HM

My sort of plan:

  • I’m going to finish up my last few meetings, and drive to the Swan, drop off my car and my luggage, then hop on a bus to AK.
  • Eat lunch at Satuuli or Nomad or something.
  • Ride FOP
  • Bus over to HS
  • Do Star Wars stuff - ST, single rider Millennium, Oga’s reservation at 6, possibly eat dinner, ROTR
  • Time permitting, hop to Epcot and watch fireworks


  • Take it easy, drive to MK
  • Do Haunted Mansion at least twice
  • Also do stuff I never get to do with my family - Hall of Presidents, and PeopleMover specifically
  • Lunch at 11 at BOG
  • Leave park around 2:30 / 3 and head to airport

What I’m wearing right now:

How I look on my video calls due to the Magic of a cardigan


Sounds like a really solid plan! I’m definitely going to miss my hybrid work attire when I have to go back into the office.


I think the choice is clear here.

Sounds like a nice whirlwindy visit full of all the best things (ahem, see above)


It was so fun to hear Waze say “exit Disney World”

I almost cried a few times on the way. I’ve had such a rough few weeks for work and really needed a bit of a break.

Bell services was a mess but dropped my bags off. I did online check in and remote key after vowing not to. I didn’t check to see if I could get in my room earlier because this morning it looked like I had scored a pretty ridiculous upgrade and I didn’t want to mess with it!


When do we get to find out if you did and what the upgrade was?!


I will share when I get the room confirmation. :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for FOP so plenty of time to catch up.

Waited 25 min for bus at Swan. While on bus, some parents realized that their son left his magic band in the room. I saved the day by sharing the Magic mobile service with them!

Ironically could not get magic mobile to work without opening app.

Nomad wait list was full so I went to Saluuti.

Now in line for FOP




Got to see the lab Navi!

After fop, headed to bus to Hollywood. While on bus, I realized that I got an email from the Swan saying they couldn’t charge my card. I spent the whole ride on hold with the swan, panicking. I decided to take the boat to the swan when someone finally answered!


I walked right into star tours

Headed to GE and played a hand of sabaac

And then engineered the falcon twice!

I am terrible at selfies but was excited to finally find where Han And Leia kissed!


How did you do at sabacc?

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I won both hands! I’m all prepared for my time on the Starcruiser. I bought a deck to take home.



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I went to ogas and had a cocktail

I walked around a bit and finally decided to get in line for ROTR

shortly after I left the tunnel area, the heavens opened up. I could not get my poncho on fast enough.

My history with this ride is pretty bad. I’ve only ridden it to completion 50% of the time. Of course while standing in the rain, the ride went offline.


Omg that sucks.
But this pic? Is epic. Something about it I love so much!!


After 107 minutes, I got to ride my favorite ride!

Now on the skyliner heading to Epcot. Being in a skyliner car alone at night is creepy.

The new Epcot ball lights look amazing (and hard to photograph!)


This is all fantastic.

But what about the roooooooooom upgrade?!




This is such a great trip!!! Thanks for taking us along! I agree with @OBNurseNH…there’s something awesome about your poncho picture! Maybe because we had them on so much our last trip and had a blast!