24 hours alone in the world - a live trip report

So I don’t know what I got because I just have a room number and haven’t been to the room yet. This morning it said I was in a king bed presidential suite! Later when I checked though, it said king, resort view. I paid for a standard room so any upgrade is nice (and I’m supposed to get an upgrade if available with my Marriott status). I can’t wait to find out what I ended up with either! :slightly_smiling_face:


So I skylined over to Epcot where I immediately bought a new poncho just in case.

(I had considered just going back to the hotel because I saw more rain was coming. I called my husband to tell him my dilemma, and he replied that it wasn’t like I would get less wet. My daughter yelled “yolo!” And so here I am!).

Spice road table had a 10 min wait list. Perfect! I’ve always wanted to eat here and I’m wet and cold - perfect for sitting outside!

Also - fireworks are at 9:45! Not 10! I didn’t even check!!! So I may be watching them from here.


When we stayed at the Swan, we got a resort view upgrade too. Later in chatting with staff, took a lot of convo and some oh do u know so and so, is that fewer people choose this type of room and with the online booking systems like Expedia and hotel.com, they give the upgrade rooms needed to actually fill the resort capacity request to direct bookers and Disney bookers first, then allocate based on what site u booked on😳 this could be pure CM speculation but it made sense when she said it.


Thank you. I wanted to document how wet I was but the sky was so beautiful. It was hard to frown as I was really happy to be at Disney.


Spice road was great!

I couldn’t see the high fireworks so I paid the bill quickly and stood next to the restaurant.

I really, really did not like Illuminations. Harmonious is better. It’s not as good as Happily Ever After

After Harmonious, I took a friendship boat to the hotel. Sadly, no president’s suite. It looks to have a view of the other hotel? I can’t really tell because there’s rain on the window. I can see friendship boats driving around.

I have been staying in a Hilton Garden Inn all week which was just humid and damp and rundown so this room feels sooooooo luxurious. No robe though (which is my favorite hotel treat!)


Looooove this report and thanks for sharing. Looks like you’ve had an amazing time already.


Looks like a wonderful time!
Wondering how the dinner fireworks package will work if you couldn’t see them all? Maybe certain tables have a good view?


I was at the back of the restaurant and the fireworks party was right on the railing, but I still don’t know that you would have a great view. I would be curious to hear from anyone who has done it


I ordered breakfast to arrive at my room at 7 am. I love room service

It arrived in a bag.

It was not that great. Score 1 for the Hilton Garden Inn I stayed at - breakfast was delicious and 25% of the cost. :joy:

This was my view as far as I can tell from the rain. I guess it’s a resort view?

I took it easy, showered, got dressed, and repacked.

Also swan did not have cool keys. :frowning:


I left the hotel and stopped to get gas on the way to the park so I don’t have to worry about it on the way to the airport. I got to the gas station at 9. I went to the skyliner gas station.

Drove to the park, parked, and talked to my husband during the 15 min walk to what I guess is the TTC! I decided to take the monorail for fun.

I went through the Contemporary my fantasy hotel. Darn you fully booked hotel!

It felt like MUCH longer, but gas station to castle was about an hour.


You framed the selfie w/ the castle behind your ‘ears’ perfectly. GREAT smile too!


My only goal was Haunted Mansion. Also I had scored an 11 am BOG reservation. Not sure what my thought process was here, since I had always planned to take it easy this morning. :joy:

I got to Haunted Mansion around 10:10. The end of the line said 55 minutes. Touring plans said 15 min. Having stood in an hour wait line this summer, I knew the line wasn’t 55 minutes since it wasn’t wrapping around the dock, but 15 minutes seemed pretty crazy. I decided to risk it!

My favorite painting:

(Fun fact - the door is under this painting. Stand under it to get to the ride faster.).

EIGHTEEN MINUTES!!! It was 18 minutes to get on the doom buggy!!! Well done touring plans!!


I love this ride so much!!!

I looked around at memento mori, used Rapunzel’s bathroom, and then checked in for my lunch reservation.

This seemed new to me - when you check in they ask you how many people. Also, there’s a note that you can add one person.

A BOG tip - if you check in online, you can head right inside. You don’t need to check in at the booths at the bridge.

Myself, a party of one, was sat literally in the corner. The waiter pulled out the seat facing the wall for me, which I ignored so I could face the action.

I am now having steak at 11 am!


The add a person is new-ish but has been around for a few months.


Who would sit in time out like that??


this. all this. :+1:t2:


Rode HM a second time. Posted wait time: 50 minutes. TP estimate: 25. Actual: 15 min!!!

I didn’t get a ride photo first time. Heartbroken, I decided to make my own ride photo this time! Now both ride photos are appearing in my photo pass account, and the second one is me looking at my phone. :woman_facepalming:

Currently waiting on an attraction I’ve not done since I was a kid - Hall of Presidents! I arrived shortly after a show started so there’s a bit of a wait.


I like all of your choices very much.

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Wow Hall of Presidents was almost a whole hour!!! Glad I did not wait until later!

It was around 1:20 when I got out of HOP. Peoplemover was my last wish list item and it had a 30 min wait (25 according to touring plans). I had given myself from 2-3 to get to the car and 30 min to the airport to arrive two hours early. I decided to risk it and walked with purpose to the peoplemover

But first a selfie!

I tried to update y’all from the peoplemover but photos wouldn’t upload. I was relieved to have an 18 min wait!

Edited: arrive at airport two hours early, not four


I lost my bottle of water along the way and stopped to buy one for the 15 min walk from the TTC to my car. This was a mistake because a cavalcade happened.

Caught behind Mickey and friends, I decided to cut through the shops for air conditioning and left $125 poorer buying my daughter a spirit jersey, a matching one for the dog, and a haunted mansion fan, which for some reason I did not use during my walk.

I took a bio break and one last photo

(I clearly needed my sunglasses and also didn’t need the mask).

I made it back to my car by 3, threw my souvenirs in my luggage, and drove myself to MCO.

My flight is oversold and I was given the option to bid to take a different flight. It was very tempting to throw caution to the wind and jump on the magical express, but I decided my family would probably appreciate me heading home. :joy:

I’m now relaxing in the lounge until my flight. I get to enjoy a first class upgrade - for my 30 min Houston to Austin flight. :joy: