21 October. What is your countdown today?

Morning peeps!

I’m at 105 today, what about you?

I know a lot of people are getting close, so share the excitement around peeps!

4 days to go. Need to get off here and finish my packing.

Hi @Ellen1976 that’s getting low!
246 till disney but only 239 till we land in the USA.

298 days. A long time, but at least it’s under 300. :smiley:

13! I have a lot to do. Now is the time to panic!

38 days and 8 hours. I had a realization last night that I still need to get a lot for the trip and we still have some plans to nail down. That BoG night switching kind threw things for a loop.

9 days, single digits!!!

Darn hearts not working! :heart: for you!

Does anyone if @Lentesta has been alerted to the heart problems…

Thanks @Outer1!! I am freaking out a bit as I have always been able to check the forum from my phone and now, 9 days out, the screen doesn’t fit somehow. I can’t see the notifications on the top right and the rest doesn’t quite look right either. This has been ever since the site was down and I am really hoping it gets corrected. I need to be able to reach all my helpful friends and not sure enough people are in the old chat now to use that.

Oh I wasn’t aware that the mobile version wasn’t working. Seems ok on mine. What phone and browser are you using? I think I’ll start a thread in the Meta section to make sure they are aware of it.

25 Days!
And 178 for our April Trip. So making ADRs each day (Staying at Dolphin)

iPhone 5s iOS 7. I took a screenshot and emailed it to myself (I am on my iPad). I will post it in the other thread so you can see.

In the mean time if you want to get on you can always download the chrome application or other available browsers and it will probably work until they get it fixed. I know I use chrome on my phone and it’s currently working.

77 until Pop. Just got my tickets from UT yesterday, so I’m ready for FPP day in a couple of weeks.

Will try that, thanks!


@BigPetesWife 4 days is just so close and I know you started off with a huge countdown, so I’m so excited for you!

There’s quite a few others around about the two to five week mark that are getting very close too!

Can’t wait to hear about everyone’s adventures.

178 to Orlando, 179 to WDW, 180 to Platinum stay! Dining is mostly done, just waiting on booking tours now. Do tours show up in itineraries on MDE?

I love that heart, @Ellen1976!

87 days till we leave for WDW!
I just did my online checkin for our Disney Cruise on the Dream!!! :ship: