2023 Points charts released

Link to main page. Click on 2023 section for a list of resorts.



Looks like some shuffling of dates in the 2-5 tiers. And some minor adjustments to the cost within some room types & tiers ( looking at AKL quickly) I’m glad part of May is cheaper, but bummed about the first part of Dec

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I am going to have to look at these more . As someone that is very “frugal” with my points, September looks great. I could have sworn that most stays BWV G/B view was usually the same amount of points as my CC stays but CC is coming up lower multiple times of the year. Just a point, but a lot. It seems strange to me.

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Interesting how they are lumping most of June- august all together. I would think the week of the 4th of July would be more points and the last two weeks of august (notoriously less busy) would be less.
Still looks good for my travel dates though……

If I already have a reservation will the points be adjusted?

These are the 2023 point charts so you can’t book until February. (I guess January if you have a confirmed January week).

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Oh…. Sorry :disappointed: I didn’t think; obviously. But I thank you :crazy_face: for helping me :heart:

I never pay attention to this. I probably should care a lot more than I do.

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The slightly higher points for the first two weeks of December may make it ever so slightly easier to book at some of the resorts, because of the added point cost. But after our 2022 trip, out next planned trip after that (as of now) will probably be a January Trip, so no impact there, assuming it stays like this going forward. Then again, if people shift taking trips from early December to January to save points, it may make it slightly harder to book.

Fortunately, that is too far out to care yet for us.

I had a quick look at the BLT chart last night, after I posted.

There’s 10-12 points difference between season 1&5. Another 5 points to season 6.
And then another 16-18 points to season 7. :astonished:

That’s for a 2-bed.

Of course we’re coming at the end of season 6 and leaving mid season 1 next Christmas. I’m scared to do the sums. :frowning:

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I noticed that on MoiseOwners they pointed out that CC and BR have different charts now. I am going to be interested. In following some of the threads that look at the overall total.

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I wonder if that will help the CC owners at all?



I have not scrutinized, but I still don’t understand why they don’t close the gap between the studios and 1-bedrooms! It’s painful to book a one bedroom when you could book two studios instead!


I assume with the current differential, DVC win when a 2-bed lock-off is booked as a 1-bed and a studio.

Thinking aloud for a minute, they obviously realise a 1-bed is not “worth” the points value compared with studios. When Disney book 1-beds on cash the prices are lower than the points value suggest. Which is why renting a 1-bed doesn’t give the same savings as renting a studio or a 2-bed.

But if they keep the points cost of a 1-bed high then that “lock-off premium” works in their favour.

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As cheap as I am with my points I would book a 1 bedroom at BWV IF it slept 5.


That seems shady. I suppose it works in my favor in terms of availability though. We did purchase with the intent of staying in 1-bedrooms but then the BWV/BRV charts pulled me into studios!


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1 million agree. We can’t/won’t stay wherever we can’t book 5 in a 1br. Studios are too squishy for us and nobody is sharing beds. it’s so stupid that you can book more in some studios than some 1br and i hope it gets fixed as we move forward with renos


When they renovate are they making studios and 1BR sleep 5? b/c all but OKW-1BD slept 5 due to the drop-down twin murphy under the TV (Aulani 1BR, Studios at AKL-K, Poly)

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It seems so. SSR 1 bedroom added the 5th sleeper in the latest renovations.