2022 Unofficial Guide cover text

Anyone have suggestions on what we should have for the cover text for the 2022 edition of the book? I’m guessing the three bullet points on the front cover should be the three things that are most useful about the book.

Here are the spots we have text for, and what I’ve got penciled in for each. Suggestions are welcome.

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Front Cover 3 Bullet Points

  • How to use Disney’s new Genie+ ride reservation system
  • Exclusive money-saving tips on Disney tickets and hotels
  • Ride ratings by age to help find your family’s favorites

Back Cover

  • A look at Disney’s new rides: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy:
    Cosmic Rewind, and Tron Lightcycle/Run
  • How to get on Disney’s best new ride in years: Star Wars: Rise of the
  • How to make the most of Disney’s new Early Theme Park Entry program
  • Exclusive patented, field-tested touring plans that save hours in line in a single day,
    plus free online customization to match your family’s needs
  • The best hotel rooms—with room numbers—and how to ask for them at every Disney
    World resort
  • Expert reviews of Walt Disney World’s restaurants, bars, and lounges, backed by more
    than 200,000 reader surveys over the past two years

Here’s the cover image (which y’all selected!):


That front cover image looks stellar.

Len, maybe add something on the back about replacement suggestions for Magical Express? Feels like 20 years of people used to that and “hey ok now what do we do?” is a good selling point.


I feel like we talked about this already :thinking:

For example? I’d hate to say this if there isn’t substantial text to this end. Might be good real estate to use for something else (TBD)

Other than that bit of criticism (critique?) I think the rest sounds good.

Editing to add: I found the old thread and it was about the 2021 guide. I guess it is Schmerzyear :crazy_face:


Sounds good to me, and I am looking forward to getting my copy!

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Really like that version of the Castle. Even if it weren’t relevant.

3 bullet points - ride ratings by age would be a big selling point for me.

Back cover - agree w/ @josephmatt about Magical Express options
and with the caveat from @OBNurseNH about money saving tips.

I’ve used the books for years mostly for ride, hotel (general and room specific) and restaurant info.

I would’ve expected ones of the bullets to mention park reservations.
Are park reservations here to stay, or is that still a temporary Covid related thing?
If it’s here to stay, I think that’s a big selling point for the book.

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I’ve had to make them for next summer.

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They are in place through early 2023 at this time. But the way APs were sold (with park ressie limits based on which pass you buy) it feels like they aren’t going away


The cover definitely needs the words Genie+ and Lightning Lines.

Random thoughts below. Great layout and photo. Thanks for including the community for input.

-Is how to navigate the park reservation system that important to be on the cover? I don’t think I really need to buy the guide for that to be honest since reservations have mostly been available.

and extended after hours and events.

Like staying off site? And whether or not to buy event tickets?

Pointing this out and the tools on touring plans like optimizing itinerary, menus, ADR alerts would be important to point out access to. People like apps now and what else they get with the book. Do they get a free year sub still? Having a heads up for when things are available and when to book is one of the best features of TP over other sites. The lines app is also huge. Would be great for TP to also build a budget app that tracks all your planned costs for the trip including flights, off-site hotels, transport, meals planned, etc.

Anyone know if this is still on track for December release?

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Beautiful photo. I might want to highlight the 50th on the front cover too.

Amazon thinks it’s still set for Dec. 7. @Len - Is that date still valid?


Still on track. I heard that we’ve got our first shipment in the warehouse already.


Looking forward to it!

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All I really care about is the Kindle version. I just checked two days when the release date was. If some are made, then the kindle has to be ready. I want the physical book too, but that will be a library checkout.

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Now the release date shows as Dec. 14 on Amazon. Arrggh! Here I was hoping to order it today, but I realize there have been tons of last minute changes by Disney.

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Yes I got an email from Amazon today saying they don’t have a release date anymore - I’m in the U.K.

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Well, FWIW, my order history says mine should be delivered by December 20, which isn’t bad since the chain’s website still lists the release date as December 17 (I’m in Canada)

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I think Amazon ran out of books. I know we got our warehouse shipment last week. We may have to do a second printing.